Help getting restore after wait working

No, anything below 50 should be off. 1-2 is below 50, so should be false.

It is only when it jumps back to 70 that it becomes true. Although I think I would try 10-15W to make it more likely to stay on or off.

Edit: simultaneous post.

so the rule as is should for the boolean should work as is? my lights keep restoring even though im just walking around the house. so i figured it was this.

Wait, are you setting the PB rule true as well as the PS4 rule? You only should be setting the PS4 rule. I don't think ** This Rule ** should be there.

ill modify and try

Ok so i modified it. and as soon as i do that lights start turning off to whatever they were at the last time the system captured the information.

Edit: I paused the PS4 rule so that it stops chaning the lights.

So in the PS4 rule, is the trigger still "power level changed" like shown above? It should be Private Boolean Changed as the trigger.

AH that might be the problem. ill go change that. i was looking at the logs and the boolean does keep setting itself to false. but you are right having the power as the trigger is likely the issue. ill change that to boolean.

Edit :
I changed the rule to boolean changed. so does that mean Changed as in it goes from true to false or back. not if it goes from false to false again right.

True to false.

And it looks like even though the Private boolean is being triggered, it is skipping due to it not being high enough to be true again.

What plug is this doing the power reporting? On many of them you can adjust the levels to smooth things out even more. The other thing on plugs to watch out for is to not select too many power reporting options. If you have it set to report watts, and time, and current, and voltage, you get four separate changes. Turn off everything or raise stuff to a higher limit. It looks like you could use 10W and maybe 1 minute IF you also want time base reporting.

Right now im using a V1 Iris plug. i have a few other with power monitoring on the way to play with different ones for different applications. so i can try another. but i think this one migh tjust work now thanks to all the help you gave me. but ill play with it more when the wife and kid goes to bed tonight.

What do you have yours set to? Try 10 or 15 Watts.

I dont have that option with the Iris driver im using.

Mine is just "Generic Zigbee Outlet" in device type.

for the iris v1? i can try swapping it and moving it to 5watts see if that makes it better.

Geeze these Iris are confusing sometimes.

Yours is a more of a rectangle, not the big cube, right? I must have these confused. Mine are the later ones.

In that case, I don't think you can set the reporting.

Mine is a rectangle. I changed the driver and will see if it allows me to set it. I'll play with it.

Will not work. The v1 devices are not standard ZHA 1.2 (which is what the generic drivers are for).

It all mostly worked. The PS4 goes to rest mode and takes a while for power to drop below 50. So I set it to trigger below 70 or above 70. That seems to work. I'll have to play with it

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Glad it is mostly working the way it should.

The thresholds probably need a bit of spread, having them the same might cause issues. Even if they were 1-2 W different, it probably would be for the best. Just imagine what the rule would do if (somehow) it hit 70 exactly.

I'll certainly have to play with it. Maybe I'll try 69 and 71

69 and 71 seems to work perfect. there is a small delay in turning everyting on as the PS4 ramps down its power. but its 100% livable. Ill call this one good and move on to the next. thank you for all the help.

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