Help getting data into hubitat with the use of Selenium or other

Hey everyone,

I have a Hot Water system (CMI) that cannot be connected to Hubitat but has a web portal in which:

  1. You can do actions, like change settings or press the pulse Hot Water button
  2. Read information, for example, the temperature of the Hot Water

I think this can be automated with Selenium. I tested it today and I was quickly able to create a selenium script that takes action.

But I am not sure how I can make #2 happen. Let's say that I want to display the temperature of the Hot Water in Hubitat.

I can think of two ways that this could happen:

  • I could write these information down, in lets say a Google Sheet, and use IFTTTT to bring them into hubitat. But IFTTTT is really the last resort.
  • I guess I could call local web links with Selenium. If that's the case, can I transfer information in the URL or in any other way?

Any help with the above or any ideas on how I can make this happen in a better way will be appreciated :slight_smile:

The most direct way may be to look at creating a virtual device (maybe a Virtual Temperature Sensor) and use MakerAPI to send it updates.

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