HELP! extremely low WAF

I have a number of issues that really make my wife mad. Last night the motion detector in our closet showed motion and turned on the light waking her up. Not good. It is a zooz motion, any way to change that sensitivity? But to compound that I have a pico remote that should turn off all the light. She hit that and it didn't work? Here is the log:

Here is the rule for the pico:

So why didn't the rule respond? That is extremely frustrating to her.

I have about 25 inovelli switches, and there are 3 that just randomly turn on. One has a motion sensor, but two don't. Those logs don't show anything other than the light mysteriously turning on.

  1. you can't adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor without physically blocking it. i've seen people use tape to block off certain sides to have it not detect in those areas

  2. instead of turning off each device, create a group with them all and turn off the group. also, did your wife press button 5 on the remote?


@dajum81 - also, you have defined it as a held action. So it has to be pushed and held for that action to occur. Not just quickly pushed and released.


go to those devices in the Devices tab and scroll to the bottom. review the "In Use By" section and see what has access to those devices. it seems a lot of people are having issues with the Alexa Hunches, and it is turning on/off devices on thier own (because Alexa feels it should be in that state at a certain time)

The log shows button 5 held. Isn't that pretty conclusive evidence of the right action?

If alexa changes the state will the log show that?

In my experience with the Pico Held:
Held = hold for 2 seconds
after that, it becomes like a push.

@jtmpush18 are you saying even if the log shows a HELD button it responds as a push? That it is a hubitat failure?

the logs do show it was help, but no mention of the bath tub, potty, and cam bedside turning off. definitely interesting

i have some rules for some devices to handle those outlier casess. especially hue lights which come on when the hub or light reboots due to anything or power fluctuations


Perhaps my math is failing but although it says 'held', the duration was 0.094 seconds, not even 1/10th of a second. My own experience that the held state needs to be maintained for 2sec.

@martybird I read that as the button was held for 6-7 seconds. starts with the time at DEVICE 2,4,3
and released at DEVICE 2,4,4 Is that not true?

those are coming from device 108, but device 106 is what seems to be identified as the pico.

108 is the lutron hub which the pico goes through. The pico switches always give a response from both pico and the hub. With the Hub giving the DEVICE id and button combo. I think the 106 is the hubitat saying it what signal it got from the pico. Have to understand the lower level code I think to be sure, which I don't know. But i know from tests that the timing comes from the DEVICE commands received.

Fair enough, pardon the distraction. Its been a couple years since I had to pay attention to logs for my Lutron devices. Clearly I'm pretty rusty.

Not a problem - I appreciate every response. I really just want to understand why it doesn't always work as it should. I don't mind, but it really makes the wife mad. So I'm still looking to understand phantom signals and the hub not running rules. I have some outside lights that are bulbs that turn on from an inovelli switch too and from a time rule. One of them doesn't turn on from the time rule, but works just fine from the switch, but only if I turn them all on or off twice. I want to dig down into that, but my wife never notices that, so it isn't as important :slightly_smiling_face:

@kahn-hubitat good point about resets. I guess I need to check defaults for power on. Maybe a loss of power is doing something to the phantom lights. Thanks.

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@dadarkgtprince The mysterious switching didn't happen today so I don't have logs for them. I'm just relaying what I saw in those instances before. I'll capture those logs the next time. In the log above you can pretty clearly see it was button 5 being held. The hubitat reports it, but doesn't seem to respond to that event. I don't get that part. The rule that was supposed to get triggered is also shown above. It seems reasonable. I'll try with groups. First I've heard or seen that a list of devices can't be counted on to respond, but that does seem to be my experience.

Whatever you do, don’t tell her a mouse or spider set it off. :shushing_face:

Told my wife I saw a spider in her car. She almost called in the National Guard to get rid of it. Some glue boards captured Peter Parker and some of his friends. Telling her not to eat in the car falls on deaf ears.

Back to your issue ... how do the remotes work today?

The ZooZ 4in1 sensors I use can have their sensitivity adjusted (wish people had this setting)


the logs show it was starting to turn things off though

I'm not sure what causes it, (perhaps it's part of Lutron), but there seems to be some sort of "rebound" going on with Pico's. That is, If you hold for approx. 2 sec. then that counts as a "held", but if you continue to hold, then it comes up to a "push".