Help consolidating two rules


I have both of the below rules to help manage the light for my stairs. There are times of the year that they are conflicting and I would like to clean that up. What I want to achieve is that at sunset -15 the light dims up to full on by sunset. Starting at 7:25 pm I need the light to dim down to 10%. Finally, at 6:30 raise the light to 100% over 20 min. Can I do this with one rule or should I use multiple rules that cancels the others?


I see a couple scenarios that are undefined and would probably help to know beforehand. What do you want to happen if sunset starts after 7:25 PM, or if 7:25 PM happens between sunset-15 and sunset? (I suppose this could be something that never happens where you live, but since you said there's conflict, I assume that is not the case--it's just not clear how you want that conflict resolved.)


At 7:15 the light needs to dim down and stay there. Whether sunset is after that or not.



Time: 7:25


If Time is 7:25-6:30am Then
Fade Stair light down to 10 over 30 minutes
Else If time is sunet -15 minutes
Raise Stair Light up to 100 over 15 minutes
End If


I think this is what you're suggesting, I will keep an eye on it and report back



Should work.