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So I have finally made the Jump from Smartthings to Hubitat after some serious issues with the Hub and the direction they seem to be heading.

One thing I have always wanted was local execution, smartthings was a little bit of a cheat saying devices ran local but wouldn’t execute routines without sending information out into the cloud and back, also the amount of constant server outages was becoming unbearable. The only thing that kept me going was the community.

I love the live events where the owners/developers actually interact with their customers given open and honest feedback about their own products and keeping us updated. This helped me make the decision to move as well.

I would say that I am a competent smart home enthusiast and a little nervous but ultimately excited for the change. Just waiting for it to be delivered…


Welcome to the Hubitat. Local control and cloud outages is what has driven many to the Hubitat and the support and community is top notch. Look forward to see how your journey from SmartThings to Hubitat goes.


Same here. Just made the switch myself. A bit of a learning curve to transition everything over (I only have about 40 devices) and learn the new way of doing things. I've decided to try and make things as simple as possible and utilize simple automation rules and RM rather then porting in WebCore.

Good Luck with your new hub! The community here has been just as supportive as ST...


Yes, Welcome. You will find this forum very helpful and informative. Don't hesitate to ask questions, but be sure to do a search first, most issues have been discussed. Good Luck.


Please, please, please do this for Rule Machine examples. There are a ton on the forum that cover the basics like "Lock door after x amount of time" or "let me know if the windows are open. "

and always try to post screenshots of rules or app that you are using or use some rule machine like pseudo code

and most importantly know that there are no right or wrong ways to get things done. strike a balance between getting the job done efficiently and leaving it where you can understand it when it needs revisions in 6 months!

And have fun!


Many thanks for all your welcoming replies, I’m a bit of a stickler for having a good search before posting so no worries for duplication of posts. Great advice for first set up, I can see it’s almost here on delivery and starting to get excited!


I am on Day two of having by Hubitat C7, I have managed to change all of my Zigbee and Zwave devices over (Apart from Energenie) and have almost got all of my automations running the same as before (I had around 100 which ran my house perfectly) Almost no issues apart from the Aeotec Recessed Sensor 7 which was a pain in smartthings to set up as well.
Still tinkering and adding automations, searching the forum 3-4 times answered any questions or queries I had.
Super happy, still setting up.


Would anyone be willing to convert the Energenie Script to work with Hubitat? I think @tonesto7 you may have had some involvement? Seems like it would run through an API? Tried having a go myself but I’m not that great at code :tired_face:
Happy to donate a few beers for anyone’s time :grinning:


Welcome. Same boat myself, since July.

Breath of fresh air. And the staff / community here (as with smartthings) are awesome.

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@bobbyD would you know someone who may be able to help me in relation to the above post?