Hello from a new Hubitat user!

Just introducing myself as a new Hubitat user. I initially had a need for a basic smart lighting solution, but decided to take the opportunity to dive into home automation. Did some research and Hubitat seemed like the best fit for me in terms of a hub. I only have a couple of switch/light automations set up so far (another couple switches and Ecolink Firefighter being delivered) but I’m liking it so far!

In any case, this post is mostly a warning for the community to expect a concerning number of dumbass questions coming your way! Thanks in advance for your patience...lol


Welcome to the community! There are no dumb questions. We were all there once.

You'll be fine. They've endured my dumbass questions quite well! Welcome!

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Just dumb people answering them. :rofl:



Hubitat is ace, just works. Wife loves it =P

Welcome hardergj !
I expect you will find a great deal of patience, grace and help in this forum.
Enjoy your journey!

We've all been there... I still am!