Hello from a new HE user, migrating from ST...my options

I have had the hub for a month now and been researching how to, as painlessly as possible, migrate my devices from ST to HE. I have noted a few different hub connection apps and not sure what now works with the ST after the roll over to the new app. I have tried HubConnect and I cannot get the ST hub to accept the key from HubConnect. I have read hints but cannot find the post that says (without a doubt) that Hubconnect does not work with the ST new app. I will fully admit I am looking for a simple way to move my wifi Tuya based bulbs over, other than reflashing. I havent got the time or linux based pc to reflash.

So I have searched and probably using the wrong terms to find my info and therefore the questions,

  1. does HubConnect work with the new ST app and the shutdown of the classic app?
  2. is there a simple way to bring the tuya bulbs over? they are globe brand bulbs (blame costco for making them cheap).

Thank you so much and great to read the co-operation in the community, I hope I can become an asset to the community through my own experiences.


I can answer quite definitively that HubConnect v2.0 RC2 works with the new ST App after the loss of the classic app.

[ I don't have Tuya, so I have no opinion at all on that question :slight_smile:

There was a tiny one character patch needed to get it to work without a physical ST Hub, but you aren't in that situation. :slight_smile: ]


Thank you for the answer,
I can work the bulbs through ST.

What I am having difficulty with is that I paste the code from the Hubconnect server to ST and on ST select next, and nothing happens except I can select next again which locks up the ST app. I have not found an example of that error in the community pages.

Have you heard of this issue?


well well got it working. ok on to the next battle....lol

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When I migrated I just did a few devices at a time with both hubs running. I started with the non-battery devices closest to the hub to build a good mesh as I went. That method worked great for me.


thank you for the experienced hint, will take your advice and give it a try.

So in other threads there was a bit of a concern that if you move devices over piecemeal then what can happen is you end up weakening your mesh on the original hub causing flakiness during the transition. May want to consider moving everything over at once.

Another possibility if you really want to migrate slowly is get a bunch of repeaters (Aeotec 7's or Ring Extender Repeaters) and establish a good backbone mesh first then from your old system you could build from the outer part back toward the inner.

Note1: I found a good pre-established "extender" backbone mesh really helped regardless of what you do.

Note2: Keep in mind devices like Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 6's and others may have some driver/connection issues that will likely be resolved in the upcoming update. I had to pair my recessed door sensors via a secondary controller (Z-Stick 5+) so they wouldn't get forced into S0 security mode.

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Well I must say, this is a tad more complicated than ST.
I really need a ELI5 guide to this universe, The missus got grumpy as I was reading a bit long in bed last night trying to understand the HE universe.

appreciate the advice, now my place is not huge, 3 Bdrm Townhouse do I need a repeater?


Good point. I didn't experience that but I'm in 1200 sq feet with the hub in the middle of the house and all on 1 floor so that may be why.

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Smart Things "hid" a lot of their issues using cloud processing which is something HE cannot do - it's a much more direct kind of thing - even local if you will :rofl:. Theoretically you should not have to use extenders BUT I have found them to eliminate some of the issues with including and setting up things due to the newness of the hub itself and the 700 series Z-Wave+ chipset inside.

edit: consider getting a Z-Stick, it's not necessary but very helpful in doing remote excludes and a lot more.