Heiman Zigbee (no temp) Moisture Sensor

Would it be possible to add the signature of this device to the generic zigbee no temp moisture sensor?
In my logs, I am now getting a lot of these error messages:

(If you tell me how to get the fingerprint, I will get it.)

Which driver did this device pair initially?

It paired originally with "Tuya Multi Sensor 4 in 1".
But, I changed it to the generic no temp moisture.

This device fingerprint is not in the Tuya driver, but probably the inClusters list match some of the device there ...

Switch to the HE inbuilt 'Device' driver and click on "Delete All Scheduled Jobs".
Then click on "Get Info" and copy/paste the fingerprint in the live logs for Mike to include it in the next update.

You may need to activate the moisture sensor at the same time when you click on the "Get Info" button, so that the device wakes up and sends its fingerprint.


@mike.maxwell :slight_smile: Here is the fingerprint:

Can you add it to the generic zigbee moisture sensor (no temp)?

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