Heiman Zigbee Gas Detector

Changed the driver to the new built-in one and I am now getting no Current States after a configure and the following error.

dev:17462019-12-02 09:35:15.823 pm errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: heimanZigbeeGas.refresh() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] Possible solutions: every(), parse(java.lang.String), every(groovy.lang.Closure), grep() (configure)

dev:17462019-12-02 09:35:15.654 pm warnconfigure..

Well it took almost 10 minutes for the Current States to change but it now says Gas: Clear. So it must have been the reporting time of the device. Just so everyone knows it could take that long for it to show.

The error is still there in the log after pressing Configure again.

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@bravenel Have you or someone been able to confirm this error? If so will it be in the next update? TIA

I saw the same error last night when I switched over to the new driver. I think it's a none issue. The old driver has the refresh() method but the new one does not but their new driver config() method calls the refresh method. Probably a copy and paste error from other driver :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for the reply. Hopefully they will answer.

Yeah, some common code in the config, and as mentioned there is no refresh command for this driver.
I'll fix the bug, in the meantime the error isn't going to cause any operational issues.

Thanks Mike. As you said it doesn't seem to keep it from working so I will ignore. Just thought you guys would want to know.

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Upvote: Glad to see this driver/device is being supported! I'm about to order two for my setup. Too bad it takes several weeks to get these.

you can find them on Amazon.

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Thank you for the link. I did see those. Delivery date (at least for me) says " Arrives: Dec 30 - Jan 16". Not exactly Prime shipping :slight_smile: But if it works with HE then i'm willing to wait. Plus, this will act as another Zigbee repeater, right?

Yes they do repeat.

I changed the driver to the new but now I cannot use Hubitat Safety Monitor to send messages since it does not show me the device anymore since it was changed to Gas type of device (I used to have it under smoke detector with the custom driver) . Any tip on how to configure HSM ?

Now that we have official driver that send gas events, I think RM need to be updated to include gas detector type.

@bravenel Any chance we can get gas detectors in RM or via HSM?

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@cuboy29 I managed to set up a rule with the gas detector using the new driver by using Custom Attribute. What I am not sure of is what word they use for detecting gas. Currently with no detection it reads Gas:clear.... What does it say when it is not clear.....not clear or detected?

So maybe someone knows the "word" so the rule will work.

Yeah I realize using custom attribute will work but I was hoping to just use HSM instead. For now, I'll continue to use my driver until this is a bit more polished :slight_smile:

I'm guessing it'll be "detected"... try pushing the test button.

Yea, as far as HSM is concerned the staff will have to fix that as you said. Hopefully in the next update.

EDIT: the official word is "detected". All lower case and no quotes.

We don't have the capability for Gas Detector, yet. As you discovered, you can get the attribute in RM with Custom Attribute, which is what it is at this point.

I paired it with Hubitat last night and manually selected Heiman ZigBee Gas Sensor for the type. However, when I press the test button Hubitat still reports the status as being clear.

For those of you using this detector, where on a wall are you plugging it in? Up high near the ceiling or down low closer to the floor? Just curious if it matters?

They say it depends on what you are trying to detect. If it is natural gas (lighter than air) then approximately 2 ft from the ceiling and I think no more than 5 ft away. If it is methane (swamp gas) then no more than 2 ft from the floor and still no more than 5 ft away.