Heiman Sensors on Aliexpress

Anyone have experience with these sensors on Aliexpress?

FWIW, they claim full HA 1.2 compliance, and I'm looking for a Humidity sensor that's not Xiaomi with a decent reporting rate so that I can stick it in my shower. They also have a bunch of other reasonably priced Z-Wave sensors that I'd be interested in if Hubitat offers support.

I have none, but this thing is my go-to for that application.

Oh yeah, I have a couple of those. They work great as motion sensors, but for some reason don't seem to be reporting Humidity more than once every 5 minutes, even with a huge change in Humidity.

Also, it's kind of iffy sticking it in the shower since it looks shady to people not used to HA and motion sensors. I once had a motion sensor right near my toilet and people kept asking me why I was video taping the toilet.

No experience of these but it looks exactly like an Orvibo Sensor I was looking at on Ebay.

Orvibo Sensor

When researching Orvibo generally for Hubitat I found quite a few negative comments about them causing Zigbee issues generally so I didn't bother with them. Not saying these are the same but they sure look similar.

That's a shame. Yeah odds are they're all from the same Chinese OEM, just rebranded.

They have Zigbee Smoke/CO detectors too on sale for 11/11. Wondering if I should just bite the bullet and post my findings here.

edit: the Z-wave sensors seem to be 868.42, won't work for me.

I bought one recently and have had no success in getting it to report humidity.
As its branded as a SMART sensor perhaps it returns humidity in a way not recognized by the standard drivers.
I'm not a coder so unable to determine exactly what sort of values are being generated..

Being a smart... ummm (attempting to be polite)... smart alek I would answer, "To know who's been making a mess in there!"