Heat Map, CO2 as presence


Thats terrible. As heat rises up.
Most of your heat is on top of the room. You end up with cold feet :joy::rofl:


Hot air rises, heat itself disperses from hot to cold.

Most of the heat is at the top of the rooms for sure, but after a bit everything in the rooms is the temp set at the thermostat.


We are both correct.
In fact Heat also rises, this has to do with the fact that earth is more warm than the atmosphere. The fact is that heat can move up, down, or sideways, depending on the situation. What the laws of thermodynamics tell us is that heat moves from areas of higher temperature to areas of lower temperature.

P.s this is one of the reasons why I believe we can pinpoint heat sources, in theory.


I suppose with motion sensing you could take a “snapshot” recording of the temp at the time someone walked into an area, then again when they left or motion stopped.

With this you could also determine how long it took for Co2 and temp to rise. Probably a lot of data could be pulled together, like lots of motion activity in a room causing both to rise.


Definitely not my area of expertise. :joy:


Yeap exactly on the same line of thought.


Netflix has now a movie about laws of thermodynamics in relationships.. I was forced to watch it, but end up enjoying it as it made me think we're the laws can be applied. It even show the science behind it.


Interesting, will have to look that up when the Mrs. isn’t home.

I wonder is @Cobra Average All app could be used in conjunction for something like this?


I go even further by saying you really need to use it to create your baseline


The Aqara T/H sensor's raw data is expressed as follows:

  • Temperature: in Celcius with 1/100 precision values
  • Humidity: in percent with 1/100 precision values
  • Pressure: in millibars with 1/10 precision values

Now just because it sends raw readings data values with 1/100 or 1/10 precision doesn't mean it's that accurate of course!

I don't own any Xiaomi T/H sensors, but I assume the raw data values for temperature and humidity work the same because the same driver with the same calculations can be used for both models.


Do you wise guys know any air quality (pm, co2, voc...) sensor HE compatible?


I use netatmo health coach and the weather station there is a driver and app that works but the developer have long gone HE and is no longer supported.




The @erik's one is a naked sensor. Nevertheless it sound very interesting. It is claimed "factory calibrated"...


I love where you're going with this. Adding some AI to a smart home is the way to combine all the little clues from our sensors to accurately detect not just if a room is occupied but who is occupying a room. Whoever figures this out first will have a major market advantage. Unfortunately the big tech companies are buying up all the talent in this field, leaving little chance of a small startup being the one to do it.