Headless heater control

Hi folks,

I recently installed line-voltage underfloor heating with the assumption I'd easily be able to swap out a smart thermostat and link it to Hubitat. Turns out it wasn't so simple - all I've been able to find is MySa, with a closed API.

To make matters worse, I also have a baseboard heater installing soon, which will also be line-voltage and my contractor didn't even include a place to put the thermostat.

My preferred solution would be to have a smart thermostat directly controlling the underfloor heating, monitoring the temperature sensor from the floor, and also able to report room temperature so that I can handle the baseboard using a regular smart switch and Hubitat.

Can anyone recommend anything? I am in North America so this option probably won't work: Thermostats - Heatit

I'm desperate enough I even started looking into whether I can build my own device using a Raspberry Pi zero in a junction box... how hard could it be to get a room temperature sensor and the floor heater plugged into the Pi and then code up some local control / connect it to Hubitat?


Have you looked at the Sinopé thermostat? It might work for your application. I have quite a few of them on my baseboard heaters, and I saw that they have some for floor heating.

Thanks for the tip! That looks like it might be just the thing. I'll report back if successful...

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I finally got a couple of Sinope devices. Baseboard in another room is working well, but the floor heating is still a work-in-progress: Sinope Th1300ZB 120volt ZigBee thermostat, fingerprint incorrect?excellent device - #18 by deearrgee

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