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Brand new user, however, I have read TONS of HE docs, watched videos, & read comments from the excellent HE users.
But.......... I cannot figure out what prob is very simple - add a text notification to my cell phone, from an event (like a contact - door open). I do know there are 3'rd party (Pushover, etc.), but read HE has basic SMS. One HE doc shows placing the cell number in (e.g. +16171234567), but wont work. And I'm not sure Im putting it in the correct place. It looks like the "custom message to send" box. (Under text notifications, step 5. Ill try to paste the link to the doc, but not sure it will appear.
Thank you VERY much!!! Exasperated Bill.

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Welcome to the community!

Like many before you, you've managed to find the old outdated documentation regarding SMS. Ask me how I know. :wink:

Sorry to say HE no longer supports SMS functionality.
Instead there's "Text" notifications via the HE app.
Hubitat Elevation Mobile App Google
Hubitat Elevation Mobile App Apple

For text notifications, choose a device such as the Elevation® app for Android and iOS, or Pushover

Here's the current document to reference:
Notifications - Hubitat Documentation


Those are old docs, which I assume you found by searching. The current ones are here: Notifications - Hubitat Documentation

Hubitat no longer natively supports SMS, but it sounds like you would be OK with push notifications. In that case, install the Hubitat mobile app on your phone, which will create a device on your hub that you can select in any app, like the Notifications app as in these docs, that lets you choose such devices. There are other options, as you note, but this one is free and pretty easy to set up.

EDIT: so, pretty much everything that was said above while I was typing. :joy:


To add to what @Ranchitat and @bertabcd1234 said, if you must have SMS, you can always pay for a service like Twilio and use the Twilio integration:



I use Sendmail, community driver you can use w/an email account to send texts to your phone via email...more info here.

You can also send notifications to the HE app on your phone if that will suffice for you - that is supported. You will need to have the app loaded on each phone where you want to get notifications.

Afternoon (or morning or evening :slight_smile: ) to Ranchitat, bertabcd1234, aaiyar, and danabw,

I sincerely want to thank each of you for jumping in, and helping me instantly!!!! This IS a wonderful community, exactly what I have read, and also a big reason I chose Hubitat. But, thank you! I was going crazy, reading, testing!

I do have Pushover working. Was hoping for an internal system, so when my internet goes down, alerts will still happen. At least when I am home. And I wanted to learn the basics (I didn't know SMS was removed - bummer!!!!), before using a 3'rd party.

OK - former (5 year) WInk user; only have had my new hub a few days, but I know I'm going to love Hubitat! Already done some manual backups.

You folks take care out there. And, did I say thank you? (hee hee)


So, somewhat an after thought, from the excellent help.

Does that mean there is no way I'd receive notifications (if I was home), if my internet is out?

I do realize Pushover is dependent on my HE getting the notices out (so that would not work). But, would the HE mobile app (installed on my Android), while logged on to my home network by my cell's WiFi (so.. on the same network as the HE, e.g. 192.168.x.y) receive a notification?
Thanks. Sorry! :slight_smile:

Any notification whether SMS or push notification via HE app or Pushover requires an internet connection since those notifications are sent via cloud base API. Even the old native SMS required this too. Only idea would be to use a TTS device to speak a message but obviously you would need to be home to hear it.

tts with alexa or google still needs cloud.. maybe others dont.. you could get local if you email server was local.. at least for emails.

Correct but believe Sonos is local, though not 100% sure.


Using TTS with Sonos is somewhat local. The initial TTS conversion happens via Amazon's Polly service. The hub takes your text, submits it to Amazon, who returns back an audio file. This file is then sent to the Sonos device for playback. Hubitat caches these TTS-Audio clips, so as long as you're requesting the same phrase over and over again, it will be local. If your TTS includes a word that changes each time, like the Date/Time, then the roundtrip to Amazon's AWS cloud is required.


Kahn-hubitat, ritchierich, and ogiewon,

Thanks again very much for the instant replies. Excellent help!!!

I was hoping, but O well! I suspect since would be home, the alerts would not be super necessary.
Thanks very much for the great knowledgeable responses!


@Bill123 - One idea is to use Color Bulbs to indicate issues that may require immediate attention. For example, I have all of my Color Bulbs turn BLUE if any of my Leak Sensors detect water. This way, even if the internet was down, I would be aware of an issue. Some folks also set a bulb to a specific color if the garage door is left open for too long. Others use a local Zigbee or Z-Wave siren to provide an audible notification of a critical condition in the house.

So, you do have options for 100% local 'notifications' aside from SMS/Push notifications.

Enjoy, and Welcome to Hubitat!

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I like that. I’ll have to redo mine (they turn red now).

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if you are going to do that recommend you do in shm.
i use blue for water leak. orange for too hot. red for intrusion, etc. etc.

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I like that I can still get text messages on my phone, even if the mobile network is turned off, or I'm using a dumb phone.

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unfort. if your internet is down as mentioned that doesnt work.. not much does really.. at least we have local control .


Jeeze (fav Bill saving...) Again, I have already found (and did so reading the "boards" last year, before I jumped)... this community has to be the absolute best!

Having instant, knowledgeably responses, is overwhelming! What a wonderful group of people.

So... @ogiewon, and @aaiyar, and @kahn-hubitat, and @velvetfoot .... thank you folks very much!

(See.. I just learned the "at" thing, with a user name).. duh.......

Wonderful, inventive ideas! We have talented folks out there!
OK folks, back to the Wink (which had a google outage today, I guess) jump over to awesome Hubitat ship.
Thanks again............ Bill


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