HE is not responding and had to reset every day

Please help! Since last few days almost every day I had to reset my HE every day. Could anyone help me by instructing how to perform step by step diagnostics? Few minutes back, I had restored my two months old backup. But like to know the Failure mode/Root cause and take corrective action. Thanks for your help.

The best thing to do would be to contact support at support@hubitat.com. They can help dig into what might be going on with your hub because they have access to more information about it and can go step by step through it with you.

Good Morning
Thanks for your advice

Hi there, as a general rule, screening Logs (and past Logs) for any errors is the first step in troubleshooting any problems with your Hubitat Elevation hub. If there are no errors present, then the next step, would be to disable any custom code (apps and drivers) to see if that resolves the problem.

If your problems go away, then you can enable your custom apps and drivers, one at the time, to identify which one is causing the problem. Once the offending custom code is identified, then you can escalate the problem here in the community, so that the developer can look into it.

If the problem persists, or is related to one of the built-in apps or drivers, please check out the following document on how to collect additional details for our support team, then send an email to support@hubitat.com so we can further investigate:


If you don't know how to disable an app or a driver, please see "Disable Device Drivers" and "Disable Apps" sub-headings in the following documents: