HE + HB ~>HK users

For the past 2 days my presence monitors I use with HK went wonky. They were 100% spot on prior to me and hubby leaving for a couple of days. I isolated the HK problem to my HomePod but I didn’t know what kind of problem. So as a last resort I went and looked thru Homepods analytics. There was a crash report in there when we were gone. A quick restart on the HomePod and guess BINGO!!! My presence monitors are working again.. Whew :sweat_smile: glad I finally fixed it.


I totally admin to bias when it comes to Apple, Google or Amazon - usually I start with myself (a known screw-up) and progress to things directly under my control like network & firewall, then the "companion server" w/NR & HB then maybe my HomeAutomation devices + HE. Usually just assuming it could not possibly one of the "big" players devices or services.. Good to know - thanks for the heads up!

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