HE Dashboard error in logs


I don't know exactly when this started, but it was after an update, I'm in the latest version and still the error, I have not changed the dashboard in few months, only using HE default tiles or colors.

I'm tagging @bravenel


Did you by chance remove a device that used to be in a dashboard? I would guess that "events()" is trying to get the history of a device but the device is null.

Not recently that I know, but if that is the case, how I fix that?


Go into the dashboard's app, load the devices, maybe select a new device and then deselect it and hit update again. That should give the dashboard the chance to drop any devices that don't exist any more.

Thanks, I added one device in the 2 dashboards I have, fingers crossed.


Still getting the error :pensive:

Hopefully Bruce can give some guidance.