HE and PoE

Is it possible to use an adapter and convert the HE appliance to PoE? I have a Ubiquiti PoE switch to use.

Folks on the ST forum have had success with something like this:

It’s important to get one with 5V output as that is what the HE hub expects.

Yes, any device that supports the hub's minimal power requirements should work, but I've seen Patrick suggest something like this for the C5: https://www.amazon.com/WT-AF-USB-Splitter-Ethernet-Switches-microUSB/dp/B01KS8NMO4/ref=sr_1_10?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1549410940&sr=1-10&th=. It is by no means the only option. (EDIT: The included C5 adapter is 10W, whereas this is only 5W, but besides Patrick's recommendation, it appears the X96 Mini the Hubitat hardware is likely based on is spec'd for 5W, so you're probably good...but 10W would [also] be a safe choice.)

UPDATE: Bruce stated in Hubitat Live Episode 3 that the hub draws under 1A, so the 5W adapter should be just fine. Of course, the 10W one would still work, too.

Sweet thanks!

I would get the 10w one, though... 5w is under the specs for the device, I believe (could be remembering wrongly though).

Agree because I just looked at the power supply for my new HE Hub and it has 5v 2A output. 10w / 5v = 2A

I wish I had looked into this before I bought the 4 port Ubiquiti PoE switch rather than the 8....

Please note that the older C4 hubs require a round barrel style power connector, while the newer C5 hubs use a microUSB power connector (IIRC! :wink: )

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This is the one I use. Has barrel and micro usb.

I can confirm that this one is not the correct power connection type.

Is this for the older model with the zwave usb stick? I assume you can plug into the micro usb with this?