HE and Leviton Integration

I found all info on how to integrate HE with a Leviton hub. Is there an api that will allow integration to a wi-fi device? I have 360 watts of led lighting on one switch. The only smart dimmer I can find that handles this much wattage is a Leviton wi-fi switch that doesn't require a hub.

Is marketing for "we use the cloud".

If there's a local API from Leviton, then someone would have written a driver for it. Shelly and Lifx are two of the built-in examples of this.

If you find a published API, then a driver would probably be available shortly after :smiley:

I found a 5 year old python script as well as one on Home Assistant. I believe both of them just mimic the phone app and talk to the cloud.


There is no local integration for those WiFi switches and dimmers from Leviton. But @tomw has built a cloud integration:


Do you need them to dim? One option could be similar to how I run my ceiling fan...

I have a switch in the wall that is there for local control but the fan is hardwired on. Then I have a bond bridge to control the fan. So the switch has no load on it.

If you were to put a switch in the wall that had no load then you could put smaller z-wave relay switches at each fixture. I have some Aeon microswitches that work well but they are old, I think others have talked about shelly? Or maybe there are other small things you can put at each fixture?

Then the switch would tell the Hubitat to turn on and off the other devices.

Your load is only 4amps...any of their zwave switches would work.

That is true, that isn't that much of a load, it is just like a couple incandescent light bulbs going at the same time. The regular dimmer switch should be able to deal with it. Good call @Johnnycat !

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Not exactly correct…. The type of load being used must be taken into consideration. As the OP appointed out, most smart dimmers cannot handle 360W of continuous LED load.

Here are the Lutron, Inovelli, and Leviton spec sheets with their maximum LED loads highlighted. Exceeding these limits could result in a premature failure of the dimmer, or possibly even a hazardous condition (e.g. a fire). Best not to take a risk such as this.

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Well what do you know... I guess that is a lot of lights then.

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This one handles 450W LED https://www.leviton.com/en/products/DZ1KD-1BZ


Thanks Johnnycat. I have it ordered. I was using a 300watt and it was doing well with the lights dimmed. Switched stayed cool to the touch. Using 100% it did get warm but not much more than any other dimmer .

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