Having trouble with rules that are triggered by sunset

i have a rules set for turning on a light at sunset +60min and that did not trigger. i also setup mode manager and set evening to sunset and night to sunset +300min. and that did not trigger as well. no events in the logs. and i see subscriptions in installedapp/status

i see that there are no scheduled job for either my light on at sunset or my mode manager. don't understand what is going one

Have you tried the Simple Lighting App ?
It is very good for this sort of thing. Easier to get started with and Faster too.

I’ve not. I’m a noobie and was using this simple task to get familiar with rm

I suggest leaving RM until you are familiar with the HE environment and the way the systems designed.
RM is a very powerful App but it does require a lot mire input and understanding than something like Simple Lighting.
Try SL and not just for lights either as it’s been added too since it first appeared as a HE App.
I’m sure You’ll get more reward and less head ache. :+1:t3:

Sunset is a system event that the rule subscribes to. For an offset after sunset, it schedules that when sunset happens. You won't otherwise see a scheduled job for these. Be sure your timezone is set correctly in your Location.

Thanks @bravenel that make sense.

I was able to get my rules working. Just needed a reboot. The rules would work if I made a change for them to tigger after sunset and within a few min while I was watch. But never tigger the next day. So with any weirdness, I guess a reboot should be part of the troubleshooting

Should not be required generally. Glad it's working. If you look at Scheduled Jobs after sunset, you will be able to see the schedule for sunset + 60

that is definitely good to know. trying to understand how RM works

It's not just RM. Any of our apps that schedule things do it the same way. The cool thing is that the hub sends events for Sunrise and Sunset, since these times change every day. It also sends an event that tells an app what time Sunrise and Sunset will be tomorrow. That's useful for offsets before sunrise or sunset. Offsets before are the trickiest, as the app needs to get the time for tomorrow that it doesn't have yet. So it schedules something just after midnight on the very first day, just to find out when sunrise and sunset will be.

make sense

I have to say, I truly love the scheduling options with RM. Especially with the wild swings in daylight hours up here in the Pacific Northwest. In the summer it is daylight at 5 AM - 9 PM, but in the dead of winter it isn't daylight until 8 AM and dark by 4 PM.

I wanted lights to turn on when we had to leave for work/school in the morning, but not all night long. This created some complex light rules, but Hubitat RM handles them handily. So my outdoor lights are on when I get home until 10 PM, and on when I leave at 6, except when they don't need to be.


I've not had any luck trying to get a SL app to work with sunset. Thought I might be doing something wrong but no job gets scheduled (for the following day) and nothing happens.


On a related note, is there a way to manually trigger a defined SL app? i.e when the sunset trigger did not work I then had to go turn each device on manually via it's device page. Also, is there a way to create device groups so to easily turn a group on/off manually?

I’ve not use the sl app. But check out what bravenel posted above about how sunset/sunrise rules are triggered.

Sunset doesn't use a scheduled job. It uses a location event called "sunset". Your app has a subscription to that event.

Ok, that makes sense but that event doesn't trigger the app to run and I don't know how to troubleshoot why.

I have my modes triggered by sunset. Evening Mode starts every sunset (through Mode Manager). For some reason the last sunset event i have gotten was 11/29. This has been working without issue for a year, and i didnt make any changes related to modes recently. @Bravenel , is it possible theres bigger issue with the sunset feed?

Go into Mode Manager and hit Done. Then show the App Status page, the section with Event Subscriptions. You should have a location event for sunset (as shown in a post above).