Having trouble resetting and including Jasco 28167 dimmers

I have a bunch of these Jasco 28167's that I used previously with Smartthings and I'm having no luck resetting these and including them in HE.

I believe I've followed the instructions for resetting these, but yhey're not being discovered at all. They're not included in any of the device lists in HE.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You need to exclude them, not just a factory reset. Did you exclude before shutting down your SmartThings hub?

Either way, probably a good start. You can go to Settings -> Z-wave Details and use the exclude button there. I'm not overly familiar with those specific switches, but a Google search should land you in the procedure for them. After excluding, try to include them again

Do you know if these are Z-wave or Z-wave Plus? (they usually say on the device)

  • Either way, they do need to be excluded before attempting an inclusion. You can use either Hubitat or Smartthings.
  • Z-wave devices normally need to be paired quite close to the hub (4-5 feet away). It won't hurt to try pairing close if you have a Plus device, especially if these are the first couple devices you are pairing (no mesh to help communicate).
  • Turn off the Smartthings hub, even if it is temporary. The Smartthings might be "stepping on" the Hubitat signal.