Having trouble figuring out TV automation

I am tying to avoid using Harmony and its wired IR blasters to turn on TV and soundbar.

Is there another way to turn on TV and soundbar from a motion sensor detection?

@amrogers3 What type of TV do you have? I have Roku TV sets and have drivers installed for those TV's that allows you to turn them on/off as well as other things. Also if your soundbar supports HDMI CEC like mine then when your TV turns on your soundbar turns on with the TV I believe most devices support CEC these days.

That is how I have my soundbar setup. Also if you integrate Hubitat with google home probably Alexa as well then you can control it via voice as well. I don't currently use Alexa devices I have a few dots just decided to migrate to google homes.

I have a Sony tv that is integrated into HE. It works well with a ported driver from SmartThings.

Hi Joe, I have a Samsung TV and Visio soundbar. Also, I should have mentioned in my initial post that it is an optical connection and thus negates CEC. Man, I feels like I am being lazy not wanting to turn on TV and then soundbar but if I could automate this, it would be so nice.

How do you have yours set up?

I have a Sony tv that is integrated into HE. It works well with a ported driver from SmartThings. Blockquote

Sorry, what is HE? Can you elaborate a bit on how yours is configured? Do you have sound through TV speakers or soundbar?

I figure I am going to have to use some form of IR blaster to automate a dumb TV and soundbar.

It would be nice if Roku was compatible with Hubitat or STs.

I have the vizio soundbar as well with Chromcast built in. Any reason your not using HDMI CEC? I know my soundbar also has HDMI input if you have the same model as me? So I do not currently use the input on the soundbar but have in the past. Does your soundbar also have ethernet or wireless connectivity? I'm not up to par with what all the chromecast device can do in Hubitat but it may be possible to have it turn on through Hubitat using there built in integration. Someone else may be better suited to answer that question for us.

Do you happen to use google homes? I know a lot of devices I'm not able to integrate directly in to Hubitat I use the google assistant relay to control those device through Hubitat.

I don't have a samsung TV but I did have to use the standby power option on my TV's to make sure they only went into a sleep state and not completely power off.

Have you checked to see if there are any custom drivers etc to control the TV?

HE is Hubitat Elevation.

I have sound thru Sonos playbar and speakers.

I have the older version of this guy which doesn't have CEC: VIZIO 32" 5.1 Channel Soundbar SB3251n-E0

So that is my main problem, however, the new version does have CEC which I may upgrade to get.

If I go with a newer Samsung 2019 model, can I use IP Control through Harmony to turn the TV on and off? Specifically, Samsung QN32Q50R?

If I can get IP control to work and a soundbar with CEC, I should be set.

From what I am researching online, IP control lets you turn on/off devices without line of sight. Apparently, it has been around a while but this is the first time I am hearing about it.

Yeah I have drivers for my roku TV's in Hubitat and can control them like any other devices. OK Google turn off TV / Turn ON TV etc. Also you can build this in to RM4 if needed. I just upgraded to an LG and can integrate it directly in to the google home eco system. Not had much time to play around with it though just got it yesterday. If you do find a driver or use IP control from another hub etc make sure you setup a reservation on DHCP so the IP does not change.