Having a problem with motion lighting which I don't understand

Here's the deal. I am gradually replacing all my Wemo switches with Z-Wave (mainly GE Enbrighten) and I replace my Foyer Wemo with a motion detecting switch. What I want to happen when motion is detected is for the Foyer and Kitchen light to be turned on. I wanted to attach screen shots of my Foyer device, the Lobby app (motion app), and a log of events. but was unable to figure out how to do that. I have included a text copy of the log - [please notice the line which says "Not turning on, already on" . What actually happens when the motion is triggered is the Foyer and Kitchen lights are turned on -- UNLESS the kitchen is already on. If the kitchen is on then the log says it won't turn on the lights because they're already on. I have checked the box for "Turn on even if already on," but it doesn't seem to make a difference. What I am doing wrong? Please help....


logs#app77)2021-12-26 12:33:22.908 pm [info]installedapp/configure/77)Not turning off: not if already on
logs#app77)2021-12-26 12:32:22.888 pm infoDelaying off for 1 minute

logs#app77)2021-12-26 12:32:22.799 pm infoMotion inactive Foyer

logs#dev74)2021-12-26 12:32:22.759 pm [info]74)Foyer is inactive

logs#app77)2021-12-26 12:31:58.816 pm infoNot turning on, already on

logs#app77)2021-12-26 12:31:58.796 pm infoMotion active Foyer

logs#dev74)2021-12-26 12:31:58.675 pm infoFoyer is active

I think I've figured out how to include images. Here are the three I mentioned in my original post...

Get rid of the “don’t turn off if already on”. This implies that something not related to the app has turned on the lights. You haven’t specified how you are turning the lights on or off outside of the app, and that’s what the app is looking for outside of what it does itself due to motion detection. If you want this to work reliably, you need to add your buttons, switches, voice commands, etc that will be used to turn on or off. If you want to connect multiple ML apps, you can create virtual switches, turn them on or off with one instance to activate or deactivate another instance. I know the instructions are rather sparse, and don’t exactly go into any depth, but may be helpful to reference.

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I might be wrong, but my understanding of this and "turn on if already on" is that they are conflicting settings. I think Ken is correct, start with deleting that option, and see if it works. If it does, and you want additional controls, then you can use other devices (buttons, switches, virtual, etc) to add this extra functionality.

Instead using Print Screen, click start then type SNIP then hit enter. The screen snip tool will come up. Makes it easier to post just sections.

Even easier: Windows Key + Shift + S invokes the Snipping Tool.

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Thank you for all the kind replies and tips. I have removed ALL the options from the motion sensor with the exception of a 1 minute delay. It works exactly as you'd expect. However, it turns off both the Foyer and Kitchen even if the Kitchen was already on. I'd like very much for the Kitchen to stay on if it was on before the Foyer motion event. It's not that big a deal to say "Alexa Kitchen on" each time the event occurs, but it'd be nice if it weren't necessary. It would be very nice if the "Don't turn off if already on" option worked like one would expect, but oh well.

Any other tips would be appreciated.
Right now I'm trying to figure out the Rule Machine which is a lot more restrictive that I thought it would be. I want to just type in code, but apparently that's not allowed. Again, oh well.

If you are using Alexa, you need to create the virtual device (by naming it in the ML app) and use that with Alexa.
It’s going to be very difficult to accomplish what you are trying to do in two areas with a single motion sensor. I have 4 motion sensors in the kitchen alone, plus 2 more in the foyer. This way I can create different Zone Motion devices. I have 2 ZM devices set up for the kitchen with 2 separate ML rules. With one rule, If any sensor is activated the under cabinet and pantry lights turn on. With the other rule, the main kitchen lights turn on once 3 of the 4 sensors are active. This prevents the bright lights from turning on if someone is just passing through. Much easier to accomplish finer control with multiple sensors.

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YEAH!! I got it working. My goal was for the foyer light to turn on when someone tripped the motion detector and also for the kitchen light to turn on. It seems impossible to do with a single Motion Light app. So . . . I created a second Motion Light app. The first on only handles the foyer light and it works perfectly. The second on handles the kitchen which I have always wanted to come on and stay on regardless of its status before the motion event. So, I had the foyer motion detector turn on the kitchen and I have set the turn off to not turn off between 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. It is working great!! Problem solved and on to the next challenge!


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