Have to turn on lights before choosing color?

I have 6 RGB canister bulbs in my LR. With Wink 2 i could say (from off position) turn LR lights blue and they'd come on blue, or turn LR to 50% from off position.
now i have to say turn on, then i can control color/brightness.

Work around or solutions?


Depends on the driver.. I always do “colorPrestage” as an option in my drivers so I can set color without turning on the bulb

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Additionally, with most devices/drivers, the "Set Color" (or "Set Hue" or "Set Saturation") and "Set Level" commands will turn a bulb on if it's not already on, so a separate "On" command is not usually necessary (unless you have a relevant "prestaging" option enabled as above). What this means is that if your bulb is off and you want it to come on blue at 100%, you should just be able to issue a "Set Color" with "blue"-type parameters (say 67, 100, 100). Whether your bulb turns on immediately to that color or briefly flashes the previous color depends to some extent on both the bulb and the driver (ordering of commands), but I'm not sure if that's what you mean.

If the above doesn't describe your experience, what devices (model) and driver (this is "Type:" on the device details page) are you using? Since you said "say," it's seems like you might also be using a voice assistant, so that would factor in here, too, in terms of what commands it issues to the device/driver (but likely just a "Set Color" or similar as above), so what are you using for that?

Which bulbs are these? If they are ecosmarts, then I have (in very limited testing) seen them to work with the Sengled RGBW driver. This driver supports pre-staging.

There were other issues with the ecosmarts so I stopped using them.

these are Sylvania can lights RGB running Sengled RGBW driver.
Not sure hot to set up pre-staging. Could you expand on what that looks like in set up? I don't have 1 color perse' i want them to start at, I just would like to say turn the LR lights blue from the off position if possible. i can always use 2 voice commands.

TIA for all of the group's support. hopefully one day I'll be giving advice instead of looking for it :slight_smile:

To clarify, when i give a voice command for a color it's accepted, then I tell lights to come on and they're that color.
Same with on % just need separate on command I'm trying to eliminate.


looks like i needed to un-check pre-staging... all working now

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