Have a ZOOZ motion sensor ZSE18


I have C-8 Hub with the latest updates. I have installed Zooz ZSE18 motion sensor. I am running it on advanced Zooz ZSE18 driver. When I look at the events via Devices events, everything seems to be working fine. When I look at it through dashboard, it seems to be stuck in ACTIVE with last update dating to 4/29. I deleted the dashboard tile and re-created it multiple times with no changes.



The dashboard would reflect whatever is shown in the "Current States" on the right of the device page. Is that not updating even though the event log is showing events? Have never heard of that, not sure it is even possible.

What advanced driver? I have a ZSE18 and I am using the system driver, works fine.

Screenshots would be helpful.

That is what I was surprised about myself. Will update with pictures as soon as I am able to log back into the hub. Was not able to do so since early am today.


ALex V

I've had two in operation (via usb cable) for years now. They've been great. I have two Zooz outside motion detectors as well, also powered by USB cable, and they've been great too.

I'm running the standard drivers as well, and thought I'd try the advanced just now. (I must've used it at one time.) Of course, I forgot that it has to be woken up even on USB power. So I went back, saved preferences and hopefully it will be back to where it started. I wasn't going to get on a ladder, or whatever to press the magic Zooz button. :slight_smile:

The dashboard is only a browser window. How about doing stuff like close the browser, clear cache, restart the computer, etc.


Finally was able to log back on to my HUB. I have confirmed my findings. This is really weird

Does it work on your phone? Another laptop?

Does not look the dashboard tile is pointing to the same device as shown, unless you have renamed the bottom text somehow?



Thank you! You are absolutely correct. In the process of trying to fix it I must have changes the label. Did not think the label was that important.

Thanks !!!!

Alex V

Changing the label of the device should not matter. Or did you change the label of the tile somehow? What dashboard system is that?

It is Hubitat. When I realized that sensor was not working properly after I installed it, I was changing drivers, labels setting, rebooted HUB but did not change it in dashboard enabled devices list. I also tried to fix ZWave mapping devices. There is definitely some kind of bug in OS but I am glad it was simple enough for you to point me in the right direction. When I opened the list of dashboard enabled devices, I saw both one selected and the other one unselected. Once I fixed the selections, the other one disappeared from the list and everything started working.

Thanks again!!!
Alex Vaynberg