Have a label option for Dashboards

In the devices you can have a device name and a device label. i would like to have the same for dashboards. Right now when you name a dashboard it shows up in the title of the dashboard. I would like to have a dashboard label that works the same as devices.

The reason for this is that I have a dashboard per room that is formatted for 8" tablets which I prefix with the word "tablet" giving a name of "tablet-office". I use the same methodology for mobile I have "mobile-office'" This doesn't look good in the UI and would like to just see the word "Office".


If you had them both labeled office, how would you know which was which on the list of dashboards?

I’ll second this.

When configuring the dashboard link tile the drop down would allow you to select from names. On the actual dashboard you would see the label.

Thirded. For exactly the same reason as the OP.

Why don't you just suffix the name with a period or prefix them with a space? Then they would be different so you could tell them apart but the difference would be unnoticable in the UI. That's what I do for my "Main" dashboard. I prefix with a space in order to make it appear at the top of the list of dashboards. This is completely unnoticeable in the UI but sorts them the way that I want.

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I also like to be able to have a label specifically for dashboards. Dashboard is what the wife uses, and device list is what I use. I like English over Dutch. But the wife likes Dutch over English. And since when don't have localization...

Another VOTE!