Have a device always go back off?


No, that means the rule is probably working. You said you wanted the switch to turn off after 2 seconds. Try pausing the rule and controlling the plug manually from the edit device page.


mmmm.... I am not sure... I'll do some more experimenting.

I no that when I push ON or OFF on ANY of my Peanut plug devices (via the hubitat page).... the Status does not update. That seems odd to me... and maybe bad?

I know the rule is definitely not turning off the plug in 2 seconds.... I've tested that with a lamp....


Yes, your rules won't run correctly if the device state doesn't update correctly.

Rule - has conditions. Changes to any of the conditions will cause the rule to be evaluated. Actions will only be executed if the rule changes from True to False or vice versa. If rule changes from True to False, False actions are executed. If rule changes from False to True, True actions are executed.

Trigger - can have multiple triggering events. Actions are executed any time one of the triggering events occurs.

Triggered Rule - can have multiple triggering events. At the time a triggering event occurs, the rule is evaluated. If the rule is True, True actions are executed. If the rule is False, False actions are executed.

In your case, I would use a trigger for simplicity. You don't care about True/False state, you want the plug to turn off every time it's turned on. However, your normal rule that you have set up should also function the same way in this case, so it shouldn't matter if you have a Rule or Trigger for this particular thing. You do not need a Triggered Rule though.


Have you clicked CONFIGURE on the Peanut Plug's Device page? This tells the plug how to report status changes.


Have you paired the plugs to HE or created devices manually in HE?


HI @Ryan780 - I paired the Peanut's with HE

Hi @ogiewon, yeah- I've pushed CONFIGURE but nothing happens.... I was wondering about that... should something pop up?

Wow- what a community. Thanks!


Did you disable your auto off rule? Did you try turning on and off after hitting configure?


Oh my goodness.... it works now....

Once I hit the configure button on the peanut plug -- even though nothing seems to happen visually... then the device page "status" updates properly when I push on or off.,, AND my auto off rule works. Sweet!!!

So this is a little weird to me then still... Whenever I pair in a new device I need to push "configure" I guess? What does that actually do and why doesn't it happen when the device is paired and more importantly... does it ever need to be done again?

So many questions... thanks so much.


You have to do it once after the device is paired.
It initiates the configuration between HE and the device.
You shouldn't have to do it again but it's the first thing I try if a device isn't responding.


In addition to what Ryan mentioned above... When you press CONFIGURE on a device, it usually sliently sends either Zigbee or Z-Wave configuration parameters to the device. These parameters tell the device how they should behave, including how to report status updates.

Normally, when you pair a device, if the correct driver is automatically assigned, the configuration parameters will be sent without need for user interaction. If you manually change the driver that a device uses, you'll want to click CONFIGURE after you save the device with the new driver.