Has Your Automation Outgrown Your Home?

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Inspired by @markbellkosel84 's venture into automating the home-away-from-home, I thought it would be interesting to open up the conversation for people to share their automations that occur when they are not at home, even though I can't think of too much myself where I have looked into this myself.


My separate mail & package dropbox alerts writing to a tile using @bptworld 's original "What Did I Say" app (now Follow Me?) allows me to handle unscheduled deliveries while I'm traveling. I also log vehicles coming & going the same way. After-hours tampering with any of the above turns an Tamper Light virtual switch that requires a manual reset.

I haven't done it yet, but I plan to let the Orbit hose valve continue its scheduled watering of the hummingbird garden using Simple Irrigation.

Lemme see... Oh yeah, then there's the water leak sensors. HVAC condensate drip pans can be a problem even though I close the water supply valve.

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Mine mostly keeps watch on the house. When the last person has left:

  • Ensure all doors are closed and locked - notifies us otherwise
  • Ensures that the garage door is closed
  • Turns on the alarm system
  • Disables most lighting automation so that the cat or the dog don’t trigger automation all the time
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