Has anyone tried "Zigbee OnOff Controller"?

Interesting @at9. At least that one seems to have a brand on it. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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I’ve got a couple of the ‘unbranded’ units and a coupe of the SonoffZBR3’s and there’s really nothing between them, functionally. They both work great BUT I’d get another Sonoff if I needed more as they’re smaller at about 1/2 the size and are better built.

I have 3 of them. Very reliable and my Aqara stuff loves them for repeating purposes. And cheap, via Ali...

Thank you all for the info! It really helps!

I wasn't sure where to post this, especially since I ended up getting the Sonoff, but I figured I could hijack my own thread. :grin:

Well, I got my Sonoff BASICZBR3 last week and hooked it up and it was detected as the Zue Zigbee Switch and works great as a switch. It was interesting that they had different wiring diagrams for light bulb vs LED vs fan. My use case is for a fan, and I'm wondering if maybe the BASICZBR3 has like a dimmer / speed setting which is not exposed by the Zue driver. Does anyone happen to know? Or do you know how I can find out?


No it is just a relay. The LED diagram is just showing to connect it to the driver and the light bulb is demonstrating a single live wire that routes that doesn't connect the neutral back through the relay.

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Thank you @at9! Well, I'm happy with it. Time to get a few more for my projects. :smiley:

I got a Sonoff... and the pairing button came right off the board. When I tried to solder it back on it turns out that the points on the board themselves had come free with the button so there was nothing to solder it back to. Minus one Sonoff... Just wish I had tried using it when I first got it and not saved it in a bin for so long. Oh well.

Just be careful not to bump that long button too hard apparently (or at all I guess in my case, not sure if it was a manufacturing defect or it somehow DID get bumped, so I do not hold it against them). So many people seem to have good luck with them that I think it must have just been my own bad luck. :man_shrugging:

Just by way of comparison, I’m finding the the “OnOff Controller” model is a much more powerful repeater than the SonoffBasic ZBR3’s.

Good to know. Thanks @njanda!

Yeah I've found the SonoffBasic ZBR3’s to have limited range maybe only 10m, line of site.
I've even toyed with the idea of getting one to modify with an external antenna wire to attempt to get more range.

The CC2530 chip used in the ZBR3s have a typical output power of 4.5dBm, the HE C5 hub is using a chip which has typical output power of 8dBm. In comparison, the IKEA Repeaters use a chip (ERF32MG1P) with 14 dBm output power. If CC2530 is paired with a CC2591 power amplifier you end up with a dBm around 20. This is the maximum allowed for channels 11 to 24. For 25, 26 it is a bit lower.
With an antenna you get somewhat better performance on a CC2530 without a PA, but it is more an improvement on receiving sensitivity than sending in my experience. It is a great way to make a CC2530-based Zigbee sniffer more reliable in receiving all packets. See this thread for some more information.

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Cool @markus. Thanks for the info.

Had a couple of these and had one deployed in ST. Moved it over to Hubitat and it configured as a 'Generic Zigbee Switch' but was flaky on reporting when it was toggled. Updated to the 'Zue Zigbee Switch' and has been operating as expected.

hello, does it inform you of the current and voltage, or is it just turn on and off?

Just on & off.


does it inform you of the current and voltage, or is it just turn on and off?

I have three of these units that I'm no longer using. If anyone in the US would like them, PM me. $5 for the 3, plus shipping cost.

Just On and Off.
They’re VERY basic and limited.