Has anyone tried connecting a Keywe Smart Lock yet?



@mike.maxwell: Thanks! Looking forward to trying it out.


The issue of it getting stuck on initializing is fixed, I didn't have any issues with the lock after it joined correctly. Updated driver will be in platform 2.1.1


Just tried Hubitat version 2.1.1. I did not see any change to anything (no states reported) in the device after updating so I went to do an exclusion. The KeyWe made it's beeps like it had been removed but the exclusion still seemed to be happening. Eventually the Force Remove showed up so I allowed that. Went to add the KeyWe back in... multiple attempts... the KeyWe always makes it's "happy noises" as if it paired (like it did the first time) but the Hubitat does not show any device being found.


Confirmed. Exactly the same behavior here. Tried twice. I have maybe 8' line of sight between my hub and the KeyWe. Both times the hub saw it but never finished initializing.


p.s. A third attempt yielded the same result, however note that 2.11 doesn't yield a Keywe "device", any more, the device is detected but initialization seems to not even partly complete any more.


Add me to the list of KeyWe owners and struggling with the ZWave (installed it yesterday). From the Hubitat Device page for the lock, I can lock and unlock but when I try to run it from the Dashboard, I can only get it to lock. I haven't taken time to dig into it yet. I just have the default settings from the built in driver.

NOTE: The lock did pop up in my Alexa app (via Hubitat integration) as a device but it says "There is a problem with KeyWe Lock" Please check on your lock".


NOTE: Just got world that KeyWe has completed its Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns and are now selling via Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/KeyWe-Smart-Door-Lock/dp/B07BFCRPVH


I just got my hubitat. I updated to the latest firmware. I connected to my KeyWe. As other mentioned it got stuck "Initializing", but after refreshing the web it was added. Not sure what to do after this. Any ideas are welcome.


I got to that point once, but I found that even though it was connected, Hubitat could do nothing with it. Unlock/Lock failed, etc.

I haven't tried connecting it in a few weeks though, so maybe it's worth a shot again.



I'm starting to think that getting a Hubitat was a mistake. I haven't even have it for 24 hours....


I changed the driver to "Generic Z wave lock" Now in Current States is showing battery percentage and lock. :slight_smile:


I was able to lock/unlock from the KeyWe specific driver. Higher in this thread it was mentioned that the driver needs work and this is just the latest attempt. Before it did not even successfully initialize.

Have to wait until I get back from work to reset mine and see....


Yeah, mine didn't initialize as well. I just refresh the web and it was added as "[keyWe Z-Wave Lock]". Then I installed Reliable Locks and finally changed the driver to "Generic Z wave lock". Now is working. I'm able to unlock, lock and Hubitat mobile app is sending notification when my door is unlock for X amount of minutes. I hope this helps.


submitted a ticket with support. they said theyve identified the issue and are gonna have the engineers work on it. hopefully it gets fixed soon.