Harmony Update disables local access on Harmony Hubs

Just read this on Ars Technica..


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It's a done deal... Harmony will not bring back the local API access.


To rollback and prevent the hub from updating again read this link....

Sorry to bug if this is closed topic but I was hearing from friends that Logitech brought back local access? Is that not true and we're to stick w older FW and not upgrading? Is anyone still using their local server?

Harmony restored XMPP support. I use it. Here's a link to an article on The Verge with instructions on how to restore XMPP support.

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Thanks Ashok...how's your experience?

I have been wanting to speed up my interactions with my Harmony controlled devices (Roku, Receive and TV) but now that I see the headline about security, I'm wondering what exactly I'll be giving up and/or how to maintain security in my LAN...

Pretty quick. I use @ogiewon's Harmony Hub Driver. For a couple things, I'm still using @ogiewon's http-momentary-switch and maddox's harmony-api, although I'll move entirely to @ogiewon's Harmony Hub Driver within the month.


@walksonair. Just an FYI - My current Harmony Hub integration does not require XMPP whatsoever. It leverages the Harmony Hub’s webSockets interface, which is exactly how the Harmony app on your smartphone communicates with the Harmony Hub if on your local LAN. There is no guarantee that Logitech won’t change it in the future. For now, it works great and provides instant status updates, regardless of how Activities are changed.