Harmony Trigger Rule


Hello Folks,

Just wondering if someone can take a second look at rule I'm trying to setup.
The aim if the rule between 21:30-23:30 PM if the harmony child changes to off then run an action which is wait two minutes, then turn on the Wemo switch, then wait and another two minutes and turn off the lights selected.

The rule sort of works :slight_smile: when you turn off the harmony child switch all the lights go off, and wemo comes on. BUT it is doing it outside of the time specified in the rule....

The triggered rule, can anyone spot the problem with it?
Or I might try and split it out to say a single trigger rule for each change..


Created a second triggered rule will try this instead.


Your define rule is the issue. Group the harmony activities as OR and the time as your and operation.

Time 2100-2359
(Harmony 1 OR Harmony 2 OR Harmony 3)


Thanks Aaron I will give that a try shorty instead.