Harmony - Pause movie, brighten lights?

I have a movie scene configured to set lighting for movies. What i’d like to do is raise the lights when pausing the movie from the harmony remote and then dim the lights again when resuming.. is this possible ? I’m using a roku for streaming content ….

any thoughts on how i could implement this ?


Are you familiar with the community-developed Harmony driver?

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In addition to the Harmony integration that @marktheknife linked to, I want to add that there is a Roku integration as well:


I’m using the harmony integration with activities.. but couldn’t see an obvious way to intercept the pause button being pressed… is that possible?

Will check out the roku integration to see if that would help…

thanks !

The Harmony pause button is going to pause the activity (media player). I don't think hubitat can get that button. But you can use those those bulb and outlet buttons if you work hard enough. Those seem like a natural for the OP use case.