Harmony integration

Not sure how many here are using Harmony locally via an API, but just saw this posted and would refrain from updating if you can.

Logitech themselves are saying nothing, but quite a few others who are using local APIs are up in arms about it.

If affected there is a downgrade method and URLs you can block in the Reddit post above to prevent updates.

Steps to Downgrade Firmware:

◙ Launch MyHarmony Computer Application.

◙ Before clicking anywhere inside the window.

> Windows users: Press Alt+F9.

> Mac users: Press Fn+Option+F9 or Option+F9 (depending on Mac model, either one will work).

◙ You will be taken to advanced tools page.

◙ Select 'Factory Reset' button below your Harmony Remote Model.

◙ Now follow the steps listed on the page to downgrade Firmware.

◙ Once you are done, do not Sync. Syncing will update the Firmware again


That really sucks! I was hoping to someday have true local LAN integration between Hubitat and the Harmony Hub. Seems like that day will never come now...

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Unsure if this is just a bug they've introduced, or they've done this on purpose.

Logitech aren't replying to any questions raised it seems, both Twitter and their own forums..... nothing. :thinking:

I am betting it was done for security. If Logitech won't allow new integrations, and they now have blocked local access, it seems like users will be forced to move to other solutions. Fortunately for me, I really don't depend on the integration for much, except turning the Home Entertainment system on and off - and that is really via Alexa voice control!

While I have 2 harmony hubs, I don't do any HA integration with it, so am unaffected.

For others, though, I definitely hope this is a bug and not intentional....

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Yeah I'm kind of the same. Although using this method by @mattw so should be fine.

I only have one routine using it, and as you mostly used via Alexa or the remote itself.

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Agreed. I am using the same @mattw method as well for Hubitat integration.

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@aaron I hope you haven't put too much time into that other local control solution we've been talking about :man_facepalming:

Sounds like relying on the native ST integration is going to be one of the few choices for those of us needing to integrate other automations with Harmony going forward, unless this was a mistake and Logitech backs it out.

For anyone who will be left high and dry by this change...the native ST/Harmony integration allows for instant updates if you add the ST activity switches back into the Harmony activities so each activity turns it's own activity switch on & off. This can all be done without a ST hub. You can also install and configure webCoRE in ST IDE without a hub, which can make and receive http calls with Hubitat to accomplish 3-way sync between Harmony <--> SmartThings <--> Hubitat. It's not local, but it's pretty quick...when I start a Harmony activity I have some TV backlights turn on. This usually happens within 1 second of tapping the activity on the Harmony remote.

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Reminds me of Blink cameras when Amazon was buying them out.

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Mine has still yet to update and checking with a few others, does appear they’ve halted the rollout. Only one reply from Logetech as yet, saying they’ll update soon

Well, at least that’s something... hopefully they will understand the need for a DIY API.

Place your bets. Who will buy Logitech’s Harmony product line and IP?

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Control4

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Logitech staff started a new thread here. Still no official statement other than "We will follow up soon with more details."


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Ugh I have been affected. Though I am using the Logitech port from ST it is not instant response. It lags by 4-5 minutes. So I will be downgrading.

If you run the integration from ST IDE rather than HE you can get instant response as described above. Not ideal but better than nothing.

I really don’t want to setup ST again. Maybe it is time to create my own harmony using an esp8266 and infrared.


Interesting thread going on here regarding this update.

Even more interesting, the thought around the "other" local API.

Just read it. This would be awesome if he is right about the websockets. He makes it sound like you can do things like activate scene's without needing to authenticate all locally. If possible, a simple driver to do that would be easy if you can get all of the websocket commands.

I've never been good with wireshark though.

Sounds like someone figured out the websockets... look at the latest update on the Home Assistant link.

Yup. I got a quick python script working that queried the hub and pulled the info I wanted. Was really easy. I'll check out their code later to see how they trigger the activity.

But it requires no authentication at all. Just open up a websocket and start firing info at it. All local.

The other downside is that its one way only. No call back yet. So if the activity is activated via the remote the hub will not know. Unless you add polling into the code which adds a delay.

I will be keeping a close eye on their developments.