Harmony Hub (viable alternatives?)

Seems like since harmony hub was as great as sliced butter for its time also seems that updates and better functionality slowed or halted for integrations to he. Is there a better product that will work with he and alexa? So many out there but tired of spending money and being disappointed. I just need tv on, change volume and channels. Well to get the bigger picture I do have a receiver in Livingroom and sound bar in bed room as well as alexas and chrome casts so I would have to be able to change inputs as well. Any suggestions would be great. Basically a better replacement for harmony hub that wont break the bank. I do have a full blown server to run apps 24/7 if needed, or could use raspberry pie. Just would like to use alexa to change my tv stuff. So annoying getting up lol of finding remote after kids play xbox

Have you looked at @tomw ’s Broadlink integration?


Broadlink devices work pretty well and are really inexpensive

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I'm using my Broadlinks through HA, and it's been super reliable for over a year. Only issue is when HA crashes, due to the crappy Argon OneM2 case. The case has insufficient thermal management and runs hot.

I loaded tomw's integration and that works well on my C5. It's been over a year since I added any Broadlink devices, and have heard the Broadlinks can get cloud locked with updates, so not sure how well currently shipping Broadlink devices can be accessed locally.

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There is an option in the Broadlink app for various devices to lock or unlock the local access.

I have some 2-3 year old RM3s as well as a brand new RM4 Pro that both work with that option, by which I mean I can toggle the option to lock out and unlock local access.

Once they're unlocked via the Broadlink app, I block them from internet access in my firewall and they work totally locally. YMMV.

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I have my Harmony Hub integrated with Alexa, but not with Hubitat. I am not sure what I will do if my Harmony dies or I have to purchase a new AV receiver or flat panel monitor.

A couple of weeks ago, the Internet went offline just as I was planning to turn off the system. With no Internet, Alexa would not work and I could not remember the steps I needed to power down the entire system. If my Harmony dies, I will be in big trouble,

i use the switchbot hub for my IR needs. works pretty good

Do any of these use bluetooth I have a very expensive sound bar I don want to part with but it only uses bluetooth.

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