Harmony Hub/Hubitat/ST power outlet integration

Hello all, I'm new to HE, and just posted a Hello over in the New User section. I'd like to ask my first question. I recently came over from ST and I have some routines that I would run with my Harmony Hub. For example I would run "Start Netflix" and my Denon receiver would come on, tv on, change the input etc, but the last thing would be, a Samung Smartthings powered smart outlet would kick on to turn on a fan (to keep my receiver cool in it's cabinet), and stay on until I ended the routine, which all of this would shut off including the fan.
Now I have included this device as a generic zigbee device in HE, but without my smartthings hub up and running and connected to Harmony Hub, I have no idea how for Harmony to run or find this plug. I did the repairing thing and it's like it needs a hub to talk to power and see the plug. I did find the Harmony integration drivers for HE, which I loaded but I don't see where that does any use for this. I can turn the fan on and off on my mobile dashboard I created but that's not the point, I would like to have this automated when stereo comes on, fan comes on. Can this be done, because right now, I'm doing it, but I'm doing it with my smartthings hub on, and honestly I deleted all my routines and apps on smartthings, so it's only on for this one instance. I really want to unplug it and be done with it. Or do I buy a different plug? Just seems stupid to leave the hub powered for one plug that would turn on a couple times on my weekend.
Thank you for any insite.

Slightly confused by your question.
Sounds like you have one Smartthings power plug still connected to ST, and you want to move it to HE? Or you moved it already to HE, but you are having issues now with the Harmony Hub being able to trigger an action/automation with HE?

I'm not familiar with Harmony hubs, but I'm sure there are others here who do so if the issue is the latter you might want to change the title of this post so those people find it or search around.

It's a Samsung Smartthings power outlet, and I did have it connected to my ST Hub before. However I unplugged my ST Hub, and did the re-pairing thing with Hubitat. I did get it paired with HE, and labeled it as a generic zigbee outlet. I can see it on my HE dashboard, and can control it, on / off. What I want to do now is include it in an automation, like outlined above, when I turn on t/v, stereo, cable box, etc that a cabinet fan comes on. Without ST Hub power up, the Harmony Hub has no way to see plug. I tried to repair the plug with just Harmony Hub, but can't see plug, so the only way I can run my automation right now is if ST hub is powered up still, which I want to 100% unplug from ST. I will add Harmony Hub to my title though to see if that will gain the attention of those that run one.
Thanks for reply

This might work for you, if I understand what you're looking to do....

@ogiewon has created drivers for the Harmony Hub that create a virtual hub device with a child device for every Harmony activity you have set up. You can find the discussion/instructions about the drivers here:

The child activity devices can be included in RM rules, where they look like switches. I have a rule that is triggered by certain activities changing (i.e. either turning on or off). The rule changes the room lighting depending on whether the switch turned on or turned off. You could do something similar to turn your plug on or off based on the Harmony activities.

Here's my rule, in case that helps:

P.S. I came from SmartThings also. Once I got this working, I tossed my ST hub in a drawer.


Thank you for the reply on that, I installed that driver last night as a matter of fact but I need to re read your post several times and wrap my head around the Parent part and the child part of that to see how to apply it for my case, and making a rule on it.

@ogiewon's instructions in his GitHub repository are really good. You need to install both the parent and child drivers. Just follow the instructions step by step and you'll get there. If you have problems with getting it set up, post in the Driver thread that I linked to above, and someone will give you a hand. If you need more help with your rule, post back here.

Hey thanks for the reply. Tonight I got the opportunity to reset it up. For some reasons when I did it originally it didn't have all the child rules in there so every action was missing. I deleted the drivers and reinstalled and then created the devices, and a rule to turn the fan on if "Watch Netflix, or Listen to Music or Watch cable or, etc is run on Harmony" turns on and off fine. And for now, unless I have some other reason, ST just got unplugged, just like you did, lol.
It's been real nice not get the once or twice a day ST is offline, now online, oh and now offline again stuff.