Harmony Home Hub Extender


Has anyone used one of these Harmony Home Hub Extenders with Hubitat? It's an add-on device that allows Harmony control of z-wave/zigbee devices. It is supposed to be able to join an existing z-wave network.



What would you do with it that you can’t already do with a Hubitat hub?

There is no "official" Logitech Harmony integration. By adding this, I could control z-wave lights in Hubitat from my Harmony remote's home control buttons, as I can now with SmartThings.

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Doubtful you'd be able to do that. Adding the extender to the Hubitat Z-Wave network would only be a part of it. You would still need to write a driver in Hubitat for it to work the way you want it to.

That's how it works with SmartThings.

The other thing you can do is keep your Harmony on SmartThings and use HubConnect ([RELEASE] HubConnect - Share Devices across Multiple Hubs (even SmartThings!)) to connect your HE hub with your ST hub.

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Good point, although I believe another option would be to use one of several HE apps (built-in or community-developed) that can mirror your HE devices on the ST hub, and then use the ST-harmony integration to control the virtual ST devices with your remote. No additional hardware needed in that case.

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So HubConnect will allow me to move everything to HE and then allow my ST hub to see those devices again, correct? Then I just tell Harmony to use the linked devices on ST.


Yup! That's exactly how it works.


Hi! I am new to this forum and Hubitat, and have spent over a week configuring everything, all purchased 3 weeks ago… including Harmony Hub and Hub Extender...

I am also just trying to control a few lights from the Harmony remote... the HE works well, using Nodon Octan 4-button remote... Trying to pair the Harmony Hub extender to HE (master)... from the Harmony app I went through the "Link to other Z-Wave hub" procedure but the HE wasn.t found... will HubConnect allow me to do this?? Any advice appreciated...

You may want to read through this thread where options were discussed, including the use of ST with HubConnect.

Yep, read the whole thread about 3 times... looked at HubConnect also... there is a lot of discussion re:ST, but I'm not sure I could (or know how to) apply it to Harmony Hub Extender... would your Harmony driver do this??

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In general, the main result of that thread is to not use the Harmony Hub Extender. Use HubConnect to map a few lights over into SmartThings. Then use the Logitech Harmony integration in SmartThings to assign the aforementioned lights to some Logitech Remote Control Buttons.

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Just be sure you understand if you use the SmartThings integration there is some delay. One way may be to join the hub extender to the SmartThings z-wave network and use hub connect to map devices, just a thought I have mine mapped and have just accepted the slowness for now. I may try adding it as secondary controller and seeing how it goes.

:thinking: Are you suggesting pairing the dimmers directly to SmartThings via Z-Wave? And then using HubConnect to mirror these ST Devices to Hubitat? I am just curious what you're proposing.

@ogiewon, yes that was my thought. I am trying to get away from having a SmartThings, Vera, Harmony Home Hub Extender, and Hubitat all running. The only reason I would even consider this option is to get the speed as I am the only one who uses the remote for controlling a few lights, ceiling fan, and fireplace everyone else uses voice to turn it all on or off.

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Wow, this really got complex in a hurry! Thanks to all for the input, my thinking was to just turn on/off a few lights in our Great Room from the Harmony Companion hand held remote... it appears most of these solutions would involve purchasing and setting up yet another hub (SmartThings)... like jkudave, I was under the mistaken impression the Extender would pair up with the HE... I'll rip it out and return to Amazon, not worth $90 to control a few lights... and focus on other HE functionality...

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