Hardware Failure Disaster Recovery Plan?

I’m wondering about hardware failure disaster recovery. Is it feasible to simply buy a second Hubitat kit, hub and USB, and just pull out the theoretical dead unit, then restore or are backups “keyed” to the hardware unless headquarters intervenes?

Yes, you can swap hubs fairly easily, IF you backup your database to your computer. The stick is a different matter, as your devices are tied directly to the radios in the stick.

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So hub, swappable with local computer backup, but stick no. Any way to locally clone a stick or create an image file of it occasionally to have a parallel backup? I’m guessing nob but asking anyway.

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No, not possible at this time.

Well, having a second hub might still be worth it. Downtime sucks worse than having to buy a second hub.

We sell a hub with no stick on our website.


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From a UK user perspective, here are a few questions.

  • Are zigbee devices stored on the zigbee stick.
  • Are z-wave devices stored on the z-wave stick.
  • If I bought a hub (with no zigbee or zwave stick) could I plug the zigbee and z-wave sticks in and the devices be seen in the hub.

I'm just thinking that if the above was true, I could just plug in the relavent sticks into a new hub, download a backup to the hub, probably have to wake up the zigbee devices and away you go.
Probably being too simplistic here but just wondering.

I asked, not answer yet, I'm not sure.


Z-wave yes, zigbee I need an answer if the data is stored on the stick or in the hub DB, but technically yes.

Zigbee devices are not stored on the Zigbee stick. However, they are tied to their controller (Zigbee stick) with the unique hardware address of the stick. This is a security measure of the Zigbee protocol.

Z-Wave devices are stored on the Z-Wave stick. This is a security measure of the Z-Wave protocol,

All devices are also stored in the hub database.

If you got a new hub, AND restored the database to it, you could plug the two sticks into it (or one stick in the US), and it would all work correctly. I've done this numerous times. The devices have no awareness of the replacement of the hub.


Thanks for the reply Bruce.
This system and what you can do with it, just keep getting better.

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