Hardware and future Integrations

Hi All,

2 main questions for now.

  1. I have recently switched from a Hue System to Hubitat, where most of my lights are from Benexmart and a few Hue strips/bars/etc. (All smart at the globe)
    I have migrated these using the Hue Integration built in app.
    If i add more globes (Benexmart) do i add them to the hue hub, or just straight to hubitat? Will either cause issues?

  2. I have everyone's issue where using the original switch, cuts power to my smart bulb and stops all the fun. I'm not a fan of the glass sheet conductive buttons of the Nue switches, so was wondering if the in-line switches, plus changing to a momentary button would have the effect of triggering the lights on/off but still have the natural tactile feel without being able to cut the power ?
    Something along the lines of using the following:
    Momentary Push Button Mechanism For use with Smart Dimmers
    Tuya ZigBee 3.0 Smart Light Switch Dimmer Module Works with Alexa Google-home | eBay

Not only does this keep the right look and feel, its also considerably cheaper to replace in bulk.
Or am i missing something completely and need to look at other options.

Thanks in advance

A couple of points on question 1:

On the one hand you could certainly continue to pair them with the Hue bridge and integrate them with the HE hub as you have done already using the built-in app on the HE hub. If you do want to look at pairing them with the HE hub directly, I would suggest looking up the Device Compatibility list to see if the bulbs are supported, but a quick scan did not show anything up at the moment. Perhaps others could comment on their experience, or you could try and pair them and see what the HE hub detects them as, if at all... In the end if you have a setup that works with the Hue Bridge, probably good idea to stick with it at this stage.

The switch conundrum I will leave for others to comment on, I don't have to worry about others turning the power off to the bulbs. :slight_smile: .

@Giant372 Too add to @sburke781 's comments, a lot of those bulbs are ZLL based zigbee and therefor make really bad repeaters and messengers and don't play well with ZHA devices. They should be isolated on their own hub (a hue bridge or another hubitat). Any other devices (ZHA) should pair right to hubitat. The exception to this are zigbee 3.0 bulbs as well as Sengled bulbs (sengled doesn't repeat) Though for future purposes I can't recommend Lifx bulbs enough

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