Hard to find Z-Wave Exclusion

For some reason this has been hidden in recent Hub software versions (and the documentation even has links to pages that don't provide any information or information that is just wrong) :frowning:

Go to Devices Page
Choose Add Device
Choose Z-Wave
Start Z-Wave exclusion

@bobbyD @bravenel Any chance this can be made easier to find (or at least documentation updated to reflect the new UX)?


Absolutely, thank you for pointing it out. We are in the process of updating much of our documentation.


Agreed, it would be nice if it was added back to the z-wave settings page. Especially for those migrating their networks to HE.

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Why would this be more important to those who are migrating? I would think it would be less. When you migrate, you are ready to also include, so having both on the same page is friendlier than flipping between two screens.

Because some people (like me) like to exclude a bunch of repeating devices at the same time. And then decide how to build their new mesh.


Glad to hear it.
For reference here are some of the places I found:

  1. Z-Wave Manual - Hubitat Documentation
  2. How to Build a Solid Z-Wave Mesh - Hubitat Documentation
  3. Z-Wave Details - Hubitat Documentation (Linked from #2, but of course provides no exclude details; looks like this has been updated more recently than the others.)
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Why do the same work twice :wink: If you are rebuilding a mesh, it's good practice to first try to exclude the device before including it, that way you are sure to avoid any potential range issues.

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From my perspective, it is an issue of intuitive interfaces and choice of workflow.
Choosing "Add Device" for an operation that removes a device is a little strange. :slight_smile:

If it can't be in both places, perhaps a note/reminder on the z-wave details page on how to find the exclude could be added? (This would also help for the people that find old links/documentation/posts/videos/etc. that lead them to the z-wave page.)


I only see the old information in the Z-Wave Manual, which to my knowledge, has not been updated since the hub was certified on whatever firmware version that was (2.2.3 or 2.2.4?) and was probably only created for that reason.

The first third link looks up-to-date to me, and I don't see any referenecs to exclusion in the second besdies one that points to the first up-to-date document. If there are any references I'm missing, they can probably be fixed--I'm just not seeing any. :smiley:

This. Also, @bobbyD, sometimes you need to exclude a misbehaving device .....


Not sure why it was created (nor does it really matter), but it is linked from the docs front page:

The first link (assuming "first" means #1) is the manual... I'm not sure I understood what you are trying to communicate here.

Sorry, I meant the the third link (and have corrected that now). The first, is of course, the Z-Wave Manual and the above is still my suspicion about it...

EDIT: OK, I see an issue where the second doc should link to something else. As mentioned, they are in the process of being re-worked (and this link would have worked before then :smiley: ).


Yes, and I have seen lots of confusion and questions on the forum about this.

Here are my suggestions that should be fairly easy to implement.

Maybe my first paint edit phrasing isn't quite correct, that would probably confuse things for Zigbee and the other protocols. But possibly another more specific word could be used there? And moving it to be more prominent on the left side may also help.

For the second, just changing that one word to "Manage" from "Add" would probably reduce confusion.


To play devil's advocate, with that wording, one might assume Zigbee or virtual devices could be removed that way, too. But the general exclusion process is really specific to Z-Wave, and most devices are best removed via their device pages when possible.

I don't have any better ideas, just noting this. :slight_smile:


I have always wondered (to myself and out loud) why exclude is hidden under
the Add Device button. That has never made sense to me.

My 2 cents (which is likely worth a little less...) :wink:

  1. Rename the button on top of Devices page to "Manage Devices."

  2. Rename button section similar to what @neonturbo suggests, but I like just "Manage Devices" to replace "Add Device Manually."

  3. Add note above button when Zigbee button has been selected that says: "To remove a Zigbee device use the Remove button on it's Device page."

Bottom line, if it takes good documentation to find this stuff, then it's too well hidden. :wink:

Tottering off to my couch now for another nap...that exhausted me. :slight_smile: