Hard time with simple rule


The icing on the cake would not only be to switch to a HAL voice that says "I don't think I can do that Dave.". But to also be able to make your nest display the creepy HAL red eye when you have it speak.

Has anyone else noticed the resemblance between HAL and the Nest? Ominous.


My mistake.. :frowning:

meaning here, inside my house vs here, inside the community.

But thanks for playing 2001 with me :smiley:


You know, when I was thinking of a witty reply to Csteeles post, I wanted to say "Wouldn't it be cool if we had some IOT device that looked like Hal's eye?" Utterly forgetting about the NEST on the wall right behind me as I typed...eerie. Let me go turn off the heat now...

Good Catch Signal!



I am new and could use some help with this. How do i account for the manual opening of the garage and the virtual switch state? i just did 2 separate triggers. one for open, one for close. Door open or Virtual switch on - then open garage and turn on switch. then the reverse for close.
Is this the best way to go about it?



I don't actually have any significant rules for my Garage Door. The only thing I do is monitor the tilt sensor and issue a TTS for each state:

The Garage Door is Open
The Garage Door is Closed

I've only tried a Virtual device once, and was unsucessful....sorry, can't help you with the virtual switch.



Troy, I have the same question. I think my virtual switch gets out of sync or something with the actual door. I find I have to issue the google command 2 times to get it to open or close. I think you are on to something about manually opening the door not being taken into account. I am probably going to do like you and have 2 rules, one open and one close.


Sorry if I'm off base. I tried to follow the thread. Do you mean you're triggering with a virtual switch that triggers a cloud integration? It might not be the same but it sounds similar to the challenge I had with my August Lock (non Z-Wave). I'm controlling it with Google Assistant Relay and a RM rule that is changed from true to false states by a virtual switch.

Just like you're describing, whenever anyone opened or closed the lock manually it was not in sync. I solved this by adding a virtual lock. I created another rule where a virtual switch changes the virtual lock state. So when someone unlocks the August lock manually, IFTTT flips the virtual switch on HE and the changes the virtual lock state. Same for locking the August lock manually. IFTTT tracks that it has been locked, the switch turns off and the rule is false, so the virtual lock changes to locked.


mine is mostly local. I use the Google mini or the Alexa dot to trigger a virtual switch on the hub. Then we have the regular manual button on the garage wall that we all use. The 2 triggers appear to be working. If i open the door manually it flips the virtual switch on when open. If i close it manually it flips the switch off at the closed. the virtual and manual appear to stay in sync now regardless of how the door is open.