Happy 1st Birthday / 1st Anniversary Hubitat! Thank you for an amazing year!


I remember it like it was yesterday. As I was unboxing #13 and thinking what a nice touch the signed card was, my phone vibrated. “Some North American customers are reporting connectivity issues. We are investigating.” Ha Ha!

One year later, my house runs it’s self and my wife has completely forgotten about Hubitat. That is the best compliment I can give the team and this community for a great experience.

Thank you all!


interesting. I just checked my order email and my order # is 1027 (the certificate I received with the hub says it is #23).


Maybe the order started at 1000 and a few test/cancel/delayed orders


Happy Birthday HE! Order #1693 7/24/18 lol, I saw HE on February but I was testing with Hass at the time and I was scare for something of this HE box that I will not mention, then that scare disappear so here I am.


Ahh... so maybe I was in the top 250. I guess @patrick and crew were caught off guard with the sudden influx of orders and decided to skip the whole hub numbering thing when their hands started cramping up :joy:
No big deal. I'm just glad the hub actually worked...because truthfully...based on the original pics posted on ST, I was a bit nervous.


Order number #2840 UK version ordered on Jan 18th 2019