Hampton Bay Fan/Light Controller with Pico Remote

So I have a Hampton Bay Fan/Light Controller that I have paired with two Pico Remotes.

I was wondering if anyone might have already developed an algorithm for pairing a pico remote with the light dimming part of this controller using the Rules machine.

I have a good algorithm for the Pico Fan Remote, but trying to figure out a good algorithm for the light dimmer feels more challenging, since there are potentially 101 different settings that the dimmer could be on (0 to 100%), but I know that I would not want to click the up button 100 times in order to get the light to fully lit. I would think about using the "held" click handler combined with the amount of time that the button was held to determine the percentage that the dimming should change.

Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.

I don't have an answer but wanted to let you know that the HB fan controller will not let the light dim below 20% (unless the hardware has been changed in the last year). Unfortunately, this is a hardware limitation.

I had noticed that..


Using the 5 button pico I set button 2 pushed to increase the dimmer level by +10, held by +20, button 4 does the reverse.
I can't readily see a difference of less than 10% for any device that we dim.

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Thanks, I will Try it out.