Halo / Halo+ Smoke and CO detectors



thanks @sgrayban for the reply. For some strange reason I cannot get the weather alerts to work on this 2nd Halo+ in Smarthings but yet they do on the 1st one which is not even on any hub now--just hardwired into mains after being removed from Iris. I'm about to just ditch this 2nd Halo+ as I have enough smoke detectors now & only wanted the weather alerts. Sure wish HE could support the weather features. Thanks again for the reply.


Don't toss the halo+ ! Keep it for a backup.


Just noticed that the humidity in the Halo driver is a bit off. The code for that piece should be:
private getHumidityResult(valueRaw){
if (valueRaw == null) return
def value = Integer.parseInt(valueRaw, 16)
def descriptionText = "${device.displayName} RH is ${value}%"
if (txtEnable) log.info "${descriptionText}"
sendEvent(name:"humidity", value:value, descriptionText:descriptionText, unit:"%")

It had "def value = Integer.parseInt(valueRaw, 16) / 100" before which took it down to 0.XX%.


The conversion is correct. Relative Humidity Measurement Information Attribute Set The Relative Humidity Measurement Information attribute set contains the attributes summarized in Table 4-20.

Attribute 0x0000 MeasuredValue Attribute MeasuredValue represents the relative humidity in % as follows: MeasuredValue = 100 x Relative humidity Where 0% <= Relative humidity <= 100%, corresponding to a MeasuredValue in the range 0 to 0x2710. The maximum resolution this format allows is 0.01%. A MeasuredValue of 0xffff indicates that the measurement is invalid. MeasuredValue is updated continuously as new measurements are made.


Not exactly sure of that calculation regardless. It was putting my Halo+ reporting a humidity of 0.49%, which is basically impossible in a home. 49% would be closer... But check my other sensors nearby (62 and 63% respectively) I would say the calculation has some other flaw to it.

Watching the raw data further, the last two digits have not changed on mine yet. It looks to me that they are only reporting a value in hex using the first 16bits. The whole rest of the raw ZigBee response is unchanged.


Any update on getting the rest of the device's local API? Would love to get the rest of ten years out of this thing. Should be easy to use it for not only the smoke & CO, and color, but also for a TTS speaker....one device in the ceiling instead of multiple... Seems to be going backward to have to leave Hubitat for SmartThings "Classic."


It functions as a smoke/fire/co detector currently. That's it's default, the rest of the functions are candy and there are no plans to add the sugar.


Was wondering if either you or @srwhite have seen the failure on Halo that has hit me today
"Temp Fail" and it beeps every 10 seconds, my wife ripped it off the wall and put it under my pillow.

Mine are connected via ST classic app to my old ST hub.
TIA guys


I know I was not in there, but I have never seen something like that on my Halo+. But mine is on a Hubitat and the previous controller (again, never had such an error) was not SmartThings either.


Thank you for your reply ! Just got home, took the halo+ out to garage and blew compressed air through it, totally reset it(20 second press of halo button) and paired to ST again.
All is well now, error cleared, but I have a feeling the temp fail message may come back, fingers crossed.


I really like mine and was very disappointed when the company went under. Nobody has stepped up to fill this gap in my opinion. A Nest Protect could come closest... But Google does not allow access to all the sensors it has.


Fully supported Halo+ is possible but I simply don't have the inclination to chase down the code from the ARCUS git where lowes put the IRIS hub code at.

However that doesn't I will never do it. That can change if I was compensated for the effort to chase that code and add it into the current Halo driver. There is a lot of work that has to get it done from getting the code frok ARCUS then translating that into the driver.


Yeah, I was digging through it and it is a bit of a mess nevermind the multiple near-duplicate references. However, one thing I am not seeing in the listings is anything that seems to indicate TTS support (or an equivalent). Maybe I am missing it.

Here is where I was looking mostly:
Halo Plus 2.3 Driver

Java Class

From what I can tell, there does not appear to be much in it (the IRIS system, searching the ARCUS git) designed for audio/speech or media (except video) in general.


for what its worth - Ill throw some beer money in for the effort :slight_smile:


Yeah, it somewhat comes back to what you think it would take to make X features. I would certainly be willing to contribute, but I would also want any result to be "free for all", if only so I could learn more about the drivers as well.


The driver is already open to anyone that wants to take it on.


No, I understood that I have already made some changes to mine.

I just meant if any further features are added to it due to contributions, that all aspects of it should remain open.


Of course it will


If anyone wants to donate money for my time to add the weather functions to the Halo+ can go to https://paypal.me/sgrayban

Once I get at least $50 I'll start working on it. If I don't get that I will refund the money and that will be it.


I am in... Any thoughts on the general method you might implement it? I figure this is more of learning opportunity for me.