Halo / Halo+ Smoke and CO detectors



I spent way too much time on this driver as it was, so I never implemented this, it just needed to get it out the door.

I received a separate request to update this driver for the weather data.
We've settled on publishing drivers in our public repo for devices that are EOL on a case by case basis.

Drivers for these devices aren't likely to be worked on by Hubitat, and this one is a candidate.

So I'll post up the driver shortly, once everyone is happy with whatever changes the community makes, just do a PR against the repo version, and if I approve it, then we'll update the built in driver with the updated version.

Please keep in mind that I have very little (about zero) time to answer code related questions for this, you pretty much need to know what you're doing to start with on this one.


I know this is old but since Iris went shits up they also released all the Halo code !!


Hello Jason, how much do you want for the halos?
Please let me know


@mike.maxwell is this the current version that's built into HE ?




Good... this is my next project.

My goal is to get it working with halo+ now.

Does HE support fingerprints @mike.maxwell


Of course, have you looked at the driver yet?


actually not yet - was watching the kentucky derby.


Just bought 4 halos & 3 halo+'s. I'd be glad to help test. Mine are all on ST and work great, but I'd be willing to move them to help test.

PS- when I unmute the tornado/hurricane alerts the halo announces the weather for like 4 or 5hours before shutting the **** up. Do you know a way around this? I don't even have weather selected in settings.

Thank You


I haven't even started on this yet. And what is left to do are all settings for the halo+ and that is going to take a while just to get to a alpha.


Just a heads-up. Apparently this project has almost full Halo+ support, including room selection and radio settings: Arcus-smart-home. Just search for it on Github.


In particular, look for the ZB_Halo_HaloPlus_2_3.driver file on Github. It has everything!


Yes I know but there is a ton of code that is needed to add room/name and weather support plus the hush feature and I don't see me having the time to code all that in without collaboration.


I'll try to look at the room selection and self-test. I don't care about radio.


@alex.besogonov - do you have the link to the Halo driver?


I can't post links. Here's how to find it: go to arcus-smart-home organization on Github. Within this organization go to "arcusplatform/platform/arcus-containers/driver-services/src/main/resources/ZB_Halo_HaloPlus_2_3.driver"


So are people trying to use this as:
Smoke & CO

  • RGB & Recordings Speaker for alarms
  • Voice Stream Speaker for use with doorbells/cameras???

Seems like a GREAT idea to have fewer devices littering the ceiling.

Might seem more realistic to hear a voice "shouting down the hall" rather than streamed out the doorbell that everyone knows is connected to some phone away from the house.

Sad they went out of business. Might cause insurance problems if you had a claim and a partially inoperable/unsupported/out-of-date alarm. Any chance they'd sell their IP to some ongoing business?

Any suggestions for alternative all-in-one packages still on sale?


There is nothing wrong with Halo+ or Halo. They still function as smoke detectors and homeowner insurance will still allow there use. The only thing that has changed is cloud features that were available via the Halo app.


I have two Halo+. One of them was used on Iris before their demise. I do not have it on HE but it is still functioning fine and wife really likes the NOAA weather alerts.

She wanted the 2nd one installed closer to another area of the house so she can hear the NOAA alerts. This 2nd one was never installed on Iris, so I set it up on ST but can never get the NOAA to work even though I have set the channles, alerts, etc...it just never gives alerts like the other does. If I pair it to HE can anyone confirm that the NOAA alerts do work or what is procedure to get NOAA working in HE on the Halo+?


Halo+ features do not work in HE... they do work in ST still as that's where mine is at and I get weather alerts