Halo / Halo+ Smoke and CO detectors



The device I was loaned (a plus) is not capable of reporting battery or CO2 ppm, hence them not being included in the driver.
Hue,sat, set level and set color are all commands associated with the rgb lighting this device offers, nothing to do with it's principal function.


I can't say for sure, but the availability of these parameters may have been a firmware related thing...

If you managed these things via the iPhone app then it did firmware updates automatically, but if you managed via ZigBee you needed to go into the SmartThings developer console and tweak settings, which probably most didn't do - the process wasn't well documented.

Mine (Halo's not Halo+'s) were updating firmware via ST, so I'm happy to run a command to dump what options are available in the latest code if there's value in it.


Even in the ST IDE no battery stats are shown with Halo or Halo+ and the current firmware version is 0x26090028 which was the last update ST got from Halo Smart Labs.

If battery levels are being sent ST is filtering those.

Current States:
temperature: 63 F
humidity: 40
switch: off
level: 100
smoke: clear
carbonMonoxide: clear
hue: 62
saturation: 13
checkInterval: 2100
powerSource: mains
alarm_state: clear
devicetest: test
hushalarm: disabled
hushred: disabled
hushblue: disabled
hushgreen: disabled


The only way I can think of getting battery stats is if someone here still has the last APK files for android and I can reverse engineer the code and find what attributes are being pulled.


Don't bother, I'm telling you the device is incapable of issuing battery reports over zigbee, the device does not respond to either of the battery cluster level attributes.
There is nothing to configure in this regard, either a device maintains these attributes or it doesnt.
It is capable of notifying that it's on battery, but not what the battery level is...




As a point of clarification, the title of this thread should be changed, Halo detects CO (carbon monoxide), not CO2 (carbon dioxide)...


I just fixed that.


@mike.maxwell If I sent you my Halo Plus you think you could figure out how the weather alerts work ?

According to a dev at ST they say the code looks like it stores that info directly in the Halo +


The service on the other end doesn't respond.


This has nothing to do with the api. The weather settings are set in the halo plus.


OK, I had a halo plus here when I wrote the driver, paired to ST weather settings blew up, paired to Iris, the entire driver was disabled.
So in reverse engineering this device to build the HE driver, there wasn't much to go on.
Given the above, and given the device is EOL, SOL ect, I can't justify spending any more time on it.


That's a real bummer and so frustrating. Basically scrap electronics now.


Why? Doesn't it work for everything except the weather alerts? It is a smoke detector, primarily, right?


Yes, that was the whole point of writing the HE driver...


So the same code for the regular Halo work with the plus ?


When I moved this past spring I ripped out my 6 Halo. I think they are still in a box somewhere. :smile:

I liked them when I used them though. Too bad they went under.


It should yeah, don't know if they share the same fingerprint or not.


I moved a regular Halo from ST to HE and it recognized it. You wrote the device from a plus right ?


@mike.maxwell Did you ever get the CO levels to work ? Seems that is the one thing missing in the data.