H801 flashed for SmartThings

Long time ST user, as I'm sure most of you are, and am slowly becoming more and more interested in switching. The only thing holding me back, however, are my H801 RGBW wifi controllers that I've flashed and have been using with SmartThings. A quick search shows that people here are using them, but my concern is that since I've flashed the firmware, they won't work anymore with Hubitat. Can I reflash them, or, better yet, just integrate them directly with the firmware that's already on them?

Thank you.

What he said.... I also am in this boat, I have not yet investigated moving my three H801s from ST to HE. They do work with HubConnect, but I want to eliminate the ST all together.

I think our answer is here:

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The firmware is supported for both SmartThings and Hubitat. I added Hubitat support a while ago.

All of my H801's are running under Hubitat. No issues thanks to @ericm

I finally got around to adding these to HE. Thanks again for your development on this! It looks like my code was 2.1.5 from the 'info' when I web to them. Is that current? If not can I install the generic bin file from the web interface? Thanks

2.1.5 is the latest. The compile date should be "March 27 2019".

I always just do OTA updates with the bin file, but test it on one that you are capable of physically flashing first to make sure. Just in case the OTA fails and you have to hook it up via USB.

To chime in, I have 2 H801 on hubitat. Eric did a great job on integration. Love that I can program effects.

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