GV Date value problem

I have a RM4 rule that runs every day at 00.15 to set GV Day and Date values that I then use in a TTS later as part of our morning alarm. It has never been 100% reliable. Occasionally the weekday is left set to yesterday and today although the weekday was correct the date itself was still the 1st Jan not the 2nd. If I manually run the rule, it updates the values correctly.

In itself it isn't a massive problem (apart from WAF), but I am concerned as to how it is possible in the very simple rule (below) that one part of the rule runs OK but another doesn't and that it varies from one day to another. If it can happen with date values then I presume it could happen with something more important. I already moved the rule trigger from 12.01 to 12.15 (months ago) just in case the system was slow in updating the date, but that hasn't eliminated the errors.

Hi Geoff,

I’ve solved this by making a notification for each day of the week. Eg “Good Morning. Today is Monday %date%. The time is %time%.” and so on for each day of the week. Also you will need to select in the restrictions only Monday for Monday notification and so on. It works but I have to canceled now because my wife is telling me that it talks to much.