[GUIDE] IKEA Firmware Updates


1187 is ALSO PRAKTLYSING cellular blind ( not 1107 as I'd typed)

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Good news for update junkies: Mike uploaded the new files!


Just updated my blinds to 24.4.13 , was very fast compared to the last update!

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I just loves me some firmware updates. As before, some errors but persistence pays off. Took about 17 minutes,

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110E SYMFONISK Sound Remote Gen2 - Update Success - Starting firmware update for Sound Remote 2, IKEA of Sweden from 00010012 to 01000035. Firmware update for [name:Sound Remote 2, manufacturer:IKEA of Sweden, imageFileName:117C-110E-01000035, fileVersion:01000035] is 100% complete

Needed to change from KKOSSEV’s zigbee dimmer button driver to system IKEA Sound Controller, repair, change to DEVICE, repair – and then firmware update.

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11C4 Tradfri Motion Sensor - Update Success - from 20022623 to 24040005. Needed to use system generic DEVICE driver, repair, and immediately firmware update (while device is alive).

Now, what do I do with it? :man_facepalming:

Confirmed with 2 more bulbs.

Shifts from a 2801 to 2803 after firmware 23086631 install. Happens on both E14 and E27.

I have a reollection that these were sold 'cheap' by IKEA to clear stock (I have 30+ still in boxes) - and they're the only ones that wont response the stock advanced/generic Zigbee drivers - I use the 'IKEA Tradfri RGBW Light HE v2.1' community driver.

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Do you own an IKEA store? :smiley:


Just got my first one to upgrade. An outlet.

Is it normal for the FirmwareMT field to not change after the update? I do however after the update have a new value in Software Build that matches the table in the first post.


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I believe this field is changed when the device checks for updates. If you click again the "Update Firmware" button, it should show the correct version after a page refresh.

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Seems to be the case. Just upgraded 3 outlets. One of them was a really old firmware.

Upgrading my repeaters now. The version on them is older than the latest update, but newer than the second most recent one in the release notes on their website.

Starting firmware update for Cellar Repeater, IKEA of Sweden from 23079631 to 23086631.

Those seemed to upgrade well too!

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Mine updated to 1.0.11 on Z2M.

This really cool. I was able to update the firmware on my Fyrtur Blinds fairly easily. Thanks for making this available!

Anyone have mesh issues after updating repeaters and plugs?

I just noticed a ton of stuff isn't working.

This morning the zigbee graph looked good, I was seeing my devices repeating for others.

Now just about everything that was going thru those devices have not had a zigbee message since this morning.

All the devices I updated are still reachable. Just not repeating it seems.

Giving the hub a power down, wait, and reboot and see what happens.

(Edit) no change. The battery devices that aren't working oddly show up on the zigbee map, but no messages received from them. Pulled the batteries but no dice.

Sorry to hear you have problems. This is indeed a weird behavior.

I don't have any IKEA repeaters (they are not available to buy), but other routing devices I have from IKEA (outlet, askvader and led driver) have no problems. The zigbee graph shows that multiple end-devices are using them, and those devices have recent activity (I checked).

I'm gonna go hands off and see if it sorts itself overnight before I start reset and re pairing.

A couple devices came back on their own, 5 still mia.

I'll edit this post in the morning.

Those 5 devices never came back. Gonna have to try reset and pairing them again.

Reset and re-pairing those devices brought them back online.

I should have known murphys law was in full effect. It's like a dark shadow that follows me around everywhere. :slight_smile: :man_shrugging:

Just updated my IKEA signal repeater from 23070631 to 23086631.
The update took 5 minutes, there was no need to reset or re-pair the device.
There were no changes in the device repeaters and routes records after the update - I am using this driver :


Not sure why I had so many issues, or maybe I just updated too many devices one right after another. (4 tradfri outlets, and 2 repeaters). Either way, it's happy now.

But that driver looks interesting. Gonna bookmark it for later.

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Have you tried updating these? I have a bunch myself and was looking for more info as to whether or not it’s supported.

Update: updated about a dozen repeaters (came with my blinds) and it all went really well and very quick. I’m in the same room as my HE hub. Directly above the hub on my second floor is my bedroom and one of those blinds. I’m able to update it OTA but it’s SUPER slow—about 10% every 8 minutes or so. It could be distance related so I might bring another blind down next to it and if that’s the case, just temporarily relocate the hub in my bedroom.

Update #2: The update worked, however I’m seeing some strange battery level reporting for the Tredansen Blinds. They’re reporting battery percentages inthe 100s. I think it’s just adding an extra 1 in front of the typical levels so instead of 90%, it’ll read 190%. I’m also on the IKEA Window Blinds driver after switching back from DEvice to update them.

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not yet :joy:

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