Guest Account vs Admin Account

I created a guest account thinking that it would have limited permissions but as far as I can tell the guest account is identical to the Admin account. I was hoping to allow a second user to access hubitat on their phone, but I wanted to restrict them to just a dashboard(s). Is there anyway to do this?

Not currently. The guest account on the mobile app is there if you don't want to share the login credentials of the admin, so that users can install the app with their own credentials. Other than that, there are no restrictions for a guest user.

The only restriction for a guest account is on Logging in with guest account restricts access to hub subscriptions.

if you wanted to restrict the guest to a dashboard, you could send them the public link for the dashboard (or the internal link if they're on your network), and they can access it via a web browser


@bobbyD Thank you for your response. I think you are part of the Hubitat team so I hope you all see how much of a feature improvement this would be for us Hubitat adoptees. I'm the techie in my family so I will manage the development of my smart home within Hubitat, but for the rest of my family, they only care about the end user experience, which for most will either be voice control through Alexa integration or through their mobile phones using dedicated dashboards. Also, as the admin, I don't want anyone breaking my device configuration. I hope you all are working on making this possible. By the way, a week and a half into my Hubitat experience and I'm really enjoying all that can be done with this system. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

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@dadarkgtprince I'm new to Hubitat so I haven't yet come across the links you are referring to. I'll search for them. If you know of a link for documentation for setting up these links, I'll take it. Thank you for your response.

Here is a link to the built-in Dashboard documentation that shows you where the links can be found:

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Better yet, open a dashboard link in a browser window on their phone, then save the page as a bookmark to the Home Screen.

Now they’ll have an icon on their phone’s home screen that gives direct access to a dashboard, indistinguishable from an “app.”


Thank you. I'll check it out.

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