Guest account accessibility limit

I been trying to figure out how I can set up Hubitat Elevation hub, to put in a guest house that will only allow the guest to access a single dashboard to be able to see the condition of whatever is on that dashboard like contact sensors, and turn on and off the alarm system.

So far I have not been able to configure a guest to only do those things on HE, they can get to devices and other things I dont want them to have access to. Is there some way this can be done, or does someone have a suggestion ?

You could just share the specific Dashboard link for them to use, otherwise what you are looking for is not currently possible.


I think this will get you close.

  • Go to Apps, create a new dashboard for the guest.
  • Select the devices you want them to be able to access.
  • Further down the page there is an Advanced section.
  • From the screenshots below, I think these are the settings do you want (circled) and the ones you likely don't want are crossed out. You might have to adjust a couple of these to get the exact effect you want.
  • Give them the Local Direct Link only via email or text message or even a QR code.
  • If you want even more security, you can make all the other dashboards PIN protected by going into their dashboard app.


I assume this has to be done within the app not via the web browser correct?

No, the web browser gives you complete conrol of your hub.

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@neonturbo Very helpful info. Thanks. If we wanted to publish a cloud link, could we do that and still remain secure, by following these same steps? I'd like to share a dashboard of my local weather station values and forecast with our local community (might have 5-10 viewers each day), and the Hubitat dashboard tiles seem like a great way to do that. I just don't want them to have access to anything but those weather dashboard tiles.

We discussed this a month ago in a thread you created. Have you tried it?

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@marktheknife In medicine, it's called "seeking a second opinion" before undertaking with the procedure.

I am familiar with the term.

But no one has suggested cutting out one of your internal organs.

Test it out yourself and see if you are able to gain "unauthorized" access to anything other than the intended dashboard page. It should take a matter of minutes, and if it turns out the procedure was recommended by a quack, there's no harm done.

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That is an oxymoron, no? It is one thing to share guest access to a stranger on a local LAN, and a completely different situation exposing your hub, even in such an insignificant way, to the public at large. You think that link will stay within a group of people, and nobody will accidentally or purposely share the link?

All it takes is some bored kid with lots of time, and they potentially could hack your hub. Nothing is completely secure, and this is a risk I don't think I am willing to take or recommend for others to do.

You do you though, and if you want to try the settings here or in that other thread you started, I can't stop you.

Yes this is all done via the Apps tab, Hubitat Dashboard app, in the hub.

@neonturbo Thanks. That’s exactly the sort of input I was hoping to receive, whether pro or con. It’s nice to be able to bounce things off a more experienced user from time to time, and I appreciate your reply. Sometimes a person thinks, “I’m pretty sure I CAN do this or that, but SHOULD I?”. Your comments help me think through this.

@marktheknife See above.

Looks like this will so what I want

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You really need to check out the Hubivue Dashboard app, guest dashboards and guedt management is one of its main, basic features. @gslender has done a fantastic job of developing a very functional, flexible and customizeable app with great aesthrtics and cross platform compatibility. Its really worth a look!


See what?

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It is with hubiVue, and its free !!

...and what's even better, is that you can setup a printed paper with a QR code, and instructions on how to download hubiVue from the AppStores (Google or Apple) and then when using the QR code, they can enable the dashboard that only they can access on the days they are allowed to - ie for guests, you simply disable/enable etc


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